We are in for a special treat that is not a trick, A Halloween blue moon! Very rare. The official blue moon in its full moon phase is at 10:49 am. The last time we had a Halloween blue moon was 2001 and it was really special. This is because it started on earth on Halloween and ended on November 1–then on November 30th of 2001, it was a second blue moon! The last one that happened completely on Halloween was in 1944. The next year will be 2039. The only trick would be to say that the blue moon is really the color blue! The definition of a blue moon has two meanings. The original old world meaning was when there were four full moons in one season. When this happens, the third (not the final) full moon of the season becomes the blue moon. This will happen in the year 2048, when a monthly Blue Moon falls on January 31, and a seasonal Blue Moon on that year August 23. The modern time meaning became that if there are two full moons in one month, that it is a blue moon, because there can’t be two months with the same full moon name, and whenever a month has two, the year rarely has less than thirteen. The phenomenon of having fourteen full moons all in one year is so rare, the next time that this will happen will be 2143. The last time was in 1961, and I highly doubt if anyone reading this will be around for the next one. Here is the latest information on full & blue moons:

Don’t miss this event on Halloween!


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Getting very spooky!!

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