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My review of The Kid Carrier System from LifeHandle


Control and comfort like you’ve never experienced

The Kid Carrier System from LifeHandle is an easy, yet very safe answer to going on all those everyday adventures. Now going to the store or just about anywhere where taking, there isn’t a quick and convenient solution for carrying kids. More often than not, they still end up being in our arms–and sometimes, more also often it is not, it happens with less than convenient timing, and the average person can only hold a child about a minute or two before having to switch arms and/or shifting balance. If you’re like most people, this can become very tiring and even painful over time–until now. By attaching a handle to the patent-pending Kid Carrier System cross-body sling from LifeHandle, life gets much easier, and still very safe. This is a new way to carry kids with far less discomfort and stress on the body, and with several key advantages over traditional carriers:

LifeHandle > mylifehandle.comThe first experience online of the LifeHandle company was looking in the magazine “Gun Dog Magazine”. If you know me, my favorite dog is the English Springer Spaniel, so hunting waterfowl are very common, and I came across LifeHandle and seen the Kid Carrier System as a feature one month a few years ago. I was so impressed by how easy, convenient, and of course, most importantly how safe the system looked to be for the dog. Then I noticed that they had systems for children as well. I am so enthusiastic about the features and design of all LifeHandle products.

I was equally impressed and amazed when I researched the Kid Carrier System system , and it was just as integral as the leash system that I originally seen for dogs, whereby I came across the product in the form of a giveaway, I began following the company online, and I have to say. . .This is a great product, of quality materials, and a great company.

LifeHandle is a purpose-driven company helping active families find solutions to carry, handle, and adapt to whatever life throws at them. LifeHandle has been featured in the past in Men’s Journal and Women’s Running magazines, and on and the Engearment websites.


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