Happy Iowa Day!

Today is National Iowa Day. . .

Happy National Iowa Day ! !

A Beginning To The Western World:
The Beginning Years: In 1812, Iowa originally became a part of the vast Missouri Territory. After the Indians were pushed out towards the 1830’s, people started settling in and the population grew. On the eastern section, the purchase of eastern Iowa from the Fox and Sauk in the 1830’s, settlers rapidly moved in to till the land of Iowa. The Territory of Iowa was established in the year 1838, and a population of 23,242. On December 28, 1846 Iowa was admitted to the Union as the 29th state., Iowa was admitted to the union as the 29th state, and became a compromise state between the Confederacy and the Union.

More History: When Iowa became a state in 1846, its capital was Iowa City. Then in 1857, a more centrally located Des Moines became the new capital.

Agricultural Haven West of the Mississippi River: Much of the history of Iowa is based off of the state’s with its agricultural productivity. Iowa still stands today as a leading agricultural state, an attribute that was originally observed by the early French explorers.

The Great Location of Iowa: As a Midwestern state, Iowa forms a bridge between the forests of the east and the grasslands of the high prairie plains to the west.

The Voting Caucus: Iowa remains one of only a few states that still have election caucuses.

Iowa’s Statehood Facts:

  • Date: December 28, 1846
  • Capital: Des Moines
  • Population: 3.193 million (2020)
  • Size: 55,857.1 square miles
  • Nickname: Hawkeye State
  • State Motto: The Corn State
  • Tree: Bur Oak
  • Flower: Wild Prairie Rose
  • Bird: American Goldfinch

The History:

Iowa Officially Adopted as a U.S. State, State Song, Admission Date & Iowa Flag
State Name Info
State Song
Capital Flag Image
29th State. Iowa Territory (partial)
“Iowa Stubborn” from The Music Man
12/28/1846  Des Moines STATE FLAG_IA.png
See: Officially Adopted as a U.S. States, State Songs, Admission Dates & Flags at: National States And Capitals Day! – 2022 US State's Flags '22.jpg

Some Great Iowa Sites:  Here is a list of some some great places to visit while in Iowa:

  • National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium, Dubuque
  • State Capitol, Grand Avenue, Des Moines
  • National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library, Cedar Rapids
  • Iowa State Fair, Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines
  • Maquoketa Caves State Park, Maquoketa
  • University of Iowa Campus, Iowa City
  • Amana Colonies, Amana
  • Register’s Annual Bike Race Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) Weeklong Bike Race (different locations by day & year)
  • The Bridges of Madison County, Winterset
  • Des Moines Art Center, Des Moines
  • Herbert Hoover National Historic Site, West Branch
  • American Gothic House, Eldon
  • Field of Dreams Movie Site, Dyersville
  • Grotto of the Redemption, West Bend
  • The vast corn fields of the great State of Iowa

Memorable Iowa Events:  Here is a list of some events that happened in Iowa:

  • The Day The Music Died, February 3, 1959
  • The May 15, 1968 Outbreak of Tornadoes
  • The Super Bowl Blizzard, January 9 to 12, 1975
  • Merle Hay Mall Fire, November 5, 1978
  • Iowa vs Michigan, 1985
  • Crash of United Airlines Flight 232, July 19, 1989
  • Field of Dreams movie, starring Kevin Costner, filmed in Dyersville in 1989
  • Great Flood of 1993
  • Iowa Flood of 2008

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National Iowa Day

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