It is Now Spring:

Welcome to. . .SPRING!!! Spring started yesterday, so I am sharing the following trivia.

Timing: Saturday, March 20 at 4:37 am.
Official scientific name: Vernal equinox – “The freshness of the land” + “Equal night”.
Equal timing: Day and night are all 12 hours, no matter where you are on earth, north to south.
Sun’s position: The sun rises and sets at exactly due east and west, no matter where you are on earth, north to south.
Equator: The sun is directly overhead (the zenith) at the equator at high noon.
Day for the north pole and night for the south pole: Spring means the sun sets on Antarctica, and rises for the North Pole, and stays lit for six full months. It also stays dark on the South pole for six months.
Shadow and shine: The earths tilt casts the shadow on the earth evenly, meaning half of the southern and northern hemispheres both have exactly the same sunshine and nighttime. The shadow span looking in from outer space shows the shadow on both the north and south poles evenly.
Not so trivial: The “blinded by the light” effect due to the fact that sunlight is aligned with most east-west routes, coupled with the effects of the time change to DST (daylight savings time) a couple weeks ago still dwelling within a lot of persons–leads this past week being the time when it is most dangerous to drive near or around sunset (or sunrise).
Astronomical not meteorological: The spring season start is astronomical. Meteorological start of spring began on March 1.
The moon: It has been said that the moon is rather “spooky”. The full moon is always a reflection of the night. It rises exactly when the sun sets and sets when the sun rises. It follows the shadow of the sun exactly. It’s up in the sky approximately where the sun was 6 months ago. Both the full moon that happened recently is the closest to spring’s beginning and the next one are also very close to 12 hours in length. The full moon before spring is where the full moon that is still to the north of the equator. It is the last full moon that is over 12 hours. The next one is the first full moon that happens to the south of the equator. The full moons on the summer side are all under 12 hours.

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Have a wonderful season of. . .SPRING!!!
Enjoy the warmth of . . .SPRING!!!

Happy Spring !

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  1. Thank goodness Spring is here! I have been dreaming of spring since it started getting cold! Beautiful pictures!

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