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My review of the Website has my choice of a limitless assortment of silicone kitchen utensils which make it very easy to do my meal whether breakfast, lunch or dinner. Each different utensil makes cooking a cinch, and‘s charms my family’s mealtime a go, everytime. I often am referred to as the block’s greatest chef, and my experience using the Lurvz 12 Piece Silicone Kitchen Utensils Set makes it all possible.

So, I am absolutely thrilled to review! The first experience online of was looking for that absolutely hard to find utensil, and while I was looking kept coming across a giveaway that was going on by a then popular giveaway site–I found after doing a Google search. My eyes widened while viewing the versatility of the Lurvz 12 Piece Silicone Kitchen Utensils Set. Because of it’s ease of use and efficient cleanability, I recommend the set highly and give it my full five stars rating, and recommend the Lurvz 12 Piece Silicone Kitchen Utensils Set to all my friends, following–even my family!

The Features:

The Barrel: Keeps all of your favorite utensils in one place
The Slotted Spoon: Allows wet foods to be pulled out as the excess liquid is drained out of the holes
The Whisk: Ideal for mixing components like eggs and whipping cream
The Spaghetti Server: Grips those slippery noodles that keep slipping off your nose
The Spatula: Perfect for cleaning out dishes, mixing food, and spreading frosting
The Salad Spoon: Makes it easier to mix and serve salads quickly and easily
The Food Tongs: The tool you’ll need if you want to lift and hold onto anything
The Solid Spoon: Serve or stir soup or other hot food from a pot with this handy utensil
The Turner: Used for tasks such as lifting food, turning, and flipping
The Soup Ladle: Makes pouring soups and beverages from your deep cookware a snap
The Slotted Turner: Ideal for flipping meat, scraping pots, or combining ingredients
The Oil Brush: Used to apply sauces, flavourful glazes, and other liquids to your food. Even tomato paste on your pizzas!

Available on

Finding the utensils set available online was a great addition to my kitchen. I was equally impressed that the Lurvz 12 Piece Silicone Kitchen Utensils Set was available on AMAZON, with the ease in ordering and that it was an Amazon Prime listed item.

Ordering the the Lurvz 12 Piece Silicone Kitchen Utensils Set online or at makes this a great investment in your kitchen.The set is very versatile, and use every day and with skies the limit in cooking is a great benefit to everyone.Lurvz 12 Piece Silicone Kitchen Utensils Set - every one plays a roleAt
Limitless. . .Whip up countless dishes with no boundaries
Be. . .Creating delicious hot and cold dishes
Resilient. . .Prepare your dishes without worrying about breaking
Everyone plays a role. . .Achieve the common goal.LURVZ Review.png

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  1. This is a totally awesome set. EVERYTHING you could possible need, all together. And it looks beautiful too. Form and function! Who could ask for more! Great review, I sure could use this. Who couldn’t?

  2. Again, this set is just perfect. It looks good, it keeps everything in one spot, and it has everything I need. AWESOME!

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