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Here it is! I had been featuring fine photos of great vintage architecture, in order to let the spring months shine. So, I am getting ready to continue bringing up the spirit of the summer with a new Architectural photography theme in Part 3: The Buildings of Chicago, Illinois!! It is going to be quite a summer, so join me ALL summer long! Meanwhile, I wrap up the whole Part 2 featuring the beauty of Vintage Architecture, and feature a bonus photo montage of all the posts, all on one post!

Vintage Architecture Photos

The Featured Architecture Series– Part 3: “The Buildings of Chicago, Illinois” will continue  tomorrow. I hope you have enjoyed our spring event, and hope you enjoy the summer event even more!!

See You Tomorrow!

Architecture-–-Vintage Architecture_Part-2__Standard.png


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4 thoughts on “Featured Photo Montage: Architecture, Part 2 – Vintage Architecture

  1. I’m not far from Illinois..in Kentucky! If I ever get to Illinois again..I’m definitely checking some of these places out!

  2. Chicago, Illinois is famous for its architecture! It has some older buildings that are just gorgeous like the Water Tower or Buckingham Fountain! They are just beautiful 🤩 Great pieces of history!

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