I have some glorious news…A scammer impersonating a Publishers Clearing House employee that I reported in my “1/1/2020 Post: The Great PCH Scam…Beware!!” has been officially shut down. The account is now banned on Twitter. Great news, but not taken too lightly. There are always more persons who, instead of wasting their efforts on illegal activities, will be there to replace these individuals. Make sure that you pay attention to the warning signs, because something that looks too good to be true, often times is. I enter a lot of giveaways, so while I could have actually won a PCH prize, because I enter them all the time, the likelihood is pretty low. When you are named a winner in any contest, sweepstakes, or giveaway–when you are named a winner, always make sure that…

  • You check the rules  and website to see the method whereby you would be contacted if you are a winner. Any deviation from what is in the rules or general information is a warning sign that it is not a real contact from that company’s promotions department.
  • Check to make sure that you really entered the said giveaway that you have won. You can only win if you entered. Winning a giveaway that you have never entered is a red flag.
  • A promotions department will always tell you the exact name of the giveaway, including a promotion number. This is how I caught the PCH scammer. When they told me the sweepstakes number, it had transpired in 2012.
  • Pay attention the the way they are contacting you. In my case, they were on Twitter with only 10 followers and 8 following. Any true PCH figure would have had WAY more followers and following. Also pay attention if it is Facebook or Twitter to what is already posted on the news-feeds, and the type of clientele.
  • If you feel that it is an actual real winning, give them the information they need to proceed, but NEVER divulge personal information, social security numbers or personal identification numbers. If it is a real promotion, they will work with you, and don’t act out of desperation. I usually give the information needed such as address, phone number, and wait closer to the half way point between when you have to claim it. By doing this delay, I have had over 90 percent of bogus claims already shut down before you are too involved, because desperate criminals move to the easiest targets available. Don’t become one.

Everyone wants to be a winner, but that photo of my name on a Publishers Clearing House poster with Danielle holding it didn’t mean I won a million! Only the true winners really win. That photo became evidence when these individuals get put on trial. And like any promotion, the promotions departments only pay out when you really win. ALWAYS be VERY careful, and exercise caution, but if you are a winner, do what you need to to do the claim. A routine will help and it takes years to develop a method whereby you don’t get taken. As I have stated, all individuals like these belong behind bars, but if I can inform the public at large BEFORE they are able to pull another “job” on someone, and I won’t stand still until the handcuffs go on each and every one of them. I will keep you posted about any further development in regards to this case or any future cases like this, or all fraud cases presented to my attention. Another one caught, means we have to look out for the next one!!

grayscale photography of woman inside jail


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