Today’s featured photo of the day! Obscure Darkroom Magic

Here is today’s featured photo. I am featuring an extra special event of featuring a reflection of my favorite part of being in the darkroom…making art out of a regular photo! Here is a set of photos of the Downtown Chicago, IL as photographed on tripod from the view of The Observatory (94th Floor) on the then John Hancock Building (now the 875 N. Michigan Avenue Building) in the 80’s! Date – 1981.Chicago from John Hancock South Window __Negative Monochrome.png

I exposed the color slide image right onto standard black and white paper to get the result of a negative image. I then processed the print with the normal black-and-white process finish. I discovered how lithographic process was utilizing photography. If I would have made a negative, I could have used this to make a facsimile (fax) style photo out of the original. The print is on fiber paper print using the Kodak Professional “warm-tone” enlargement paper developed with Kodak Dektol chemicals onto a 8X10″ matte-gloss RC print.

This is the original shot with no embellishments.

Photo taken with a Nikon EM-through a Nikon 26 mm lens, filter=Polarizer, Aperture=16 f/stop, shutter-speed 1 second [EDITED], loaded with Konica Color Slide Film ISO (ASA) 100 (fine grain) processed with E-6 using Kodak Ektachrome Chemicals. Enlargement processed Type R color positive paper and R-3000 chemistry onto 3½x5″ glossy negative color image enlargement paper.

See you tomorrow with the final darkroom magic photograph!!
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