Beware there is a series of different persons right now indicating that they are from Publisher’s Clearing House. They are on Twitter right now. I was originally Direct Messaged on Twitter by the individual. I will list the details below to look for these clones. The attempt is a person on Twitter right not with the following bogus credentials:


TEXT CAPTION: “DM Now For A Chance To Win Big!!!💵💵Or Call Us At (315) 992-6906!!!!”
[A CALENDAR INSIGNIA] Joined December 2019


I received a call and series of texts from the number (315) 992-6906 and also from (757) 849-0598. I you receive a call or text under the pretense of being a “claim agent” from these telephone numbers, or anyone like this, make sure that you do NOT pursue this, as it is bogus!! While at the “PCH Contact Us” site, I came up on the YouTube video that claims that PCH “never, never” contacts persons by phone or social media for a larger prize or “Prize Patrol” visit, and that they never attempt to or collect a fee or require any participation in order to be a winner. So don’t be fooled and get talked into giving these criminals any money, wasted time or anguish.

The internet can be a glorious place for all of us to go. It is a haven for most in its experience to browse, cruise, and for some enter into giveaways. Unfortunately some bewildered persons on a binge to get the best of all of us, try to trick people into thinking that they have won a prize. I do giveaways and I ALWAYS check the IP address it is emanating from to make sure that it matches that of the one used on the entry submission, to in essence double check authenticity. This way I can determine if the winner selected is truly the winner, because there are unfortunately people out there who say they are the winner, in an attempt to make it like they really are the winner. I never post a winners likeness until they are identified positively and have already been completely entered for the said prizes. I remember a WKRP in Cincinnati episode whereby the wrong person collected on a prize winning at the radio station, and even though the series was fiction, in real life people try to fraud in an attempt to collect something that does not belong to them. Everyone wants to win, but there are only a few people out of the pool of any contest or giveaway, so when you have your hopes up and think that you have won, only to find that you have been tricked into providing time, effort and sometimes your identity and/or money to collect on a meaningless fraud attempt, it is downright saddening that people like these persons, have to focus their energies on negative commerce.

My business, being someone who has had their identity stolen once, it to do my best attempt to put them out of business, and expose to put light onto them, despite reporting to authorities and policing them. Believe me, these individuals do belong behind bars, but if I can inform the public at large BEFORE they are able to pull another “job” on someone, I feel that much more happy. I will keep you posted about any further development in regards to this case.

Watch for the PCH Look-Alike! OUCH!!


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