Today’s featured photo of the day! November’s feature is: California

Here is today’s featured photo. For the month of November I am featuring photos of California. Here is a really nice shot of a great mountain range east of scenic California Route 1! Date – November 1991.

California_Mountain Range off Hwy 1__Fujicolor 400.png


Photo taken with a Nikon FE camera through a Nikon 26 mm lens, filter=polarizer, Aperture=16 f/stop, shutter-speed 1/250th second, loaded with Fujicolor 400 Color 135 Negative Film processed with C-41 Processing Chemicals, and a Type C Print using the RA-4 enlargement paper process, onto a 4X6″ semi-gloss print.

FACT:  A polarizer makes for richer and more stabilized sand colors on most landscape shots because it cuts the glare and refraction of light bouncing off of the sand.

See you tomorrow with another fine photograph of my favorite state to vacation–California!!
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