Wishing everyone who served the armed forces or those who know somebody a Happy Veterans Day today! They deserve our attention in exchange for the years of dedication to protect this country, the people, and our freedom. Remember our troops this Veterans Day, formerly Armistice Day pre-WWII. A moment of silence for prayer…


…Take the time from our regular daily matters to honor, because this country and the flag it stands behind, is still the most free land in the world. Celebrate the freedom we enjoy everyday with a tributary to those who served and for those who died for our country. The U.S.A. is the BEST place in the world–for we have that freedom to express our own opinions, thoughts, and actions–but that freedom is made only possible through our amazing Veterans. Take your hats off today for our amazing Veterans!!!

man standing on stage

Bless our Veterans! Thank you for the grace you grant to every American!

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