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@Versatileer Welcomes Sign-up for the Holiday Event – Winner’s Choice: $150 Amazon eGift Card or PayPal Cash #Giveway – 1 Winner!
@Versatileer – Sign-up starts November 14 until November 29, 2023
Giveaway Event Date Starting December 1st to 25th, 2023

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Welcome, friends, to our Holiday Event – Winner’s Choice: $150 Amazon eGift Card or PayPal Cash Sign Ups! Hosted by Versatileer!

Last Bi-seasonal Event of this year!

  • The final yearly event, the “Holiday Event” starts 12/01, sign-ups for Co-Hosting remain open until 11/29.
  • The bi-seasonal events are down to this last Holiday event, and goes’ from December 1st until Christmas.
  • This giveaway only runs 3-1/2 weeks! The usual 6 weeks long giveaway is altered to fit the holiday season!
  • The event sign ups for Co-Hosts will start about 15 days before the event starts, November 14th for the Holiday event.
  • I think that is all the relevant info, but if you have any questions, you can use the online contact request form, or you can email Jerry at versatileer (at) gmail (dot) com or you can DM on Twitter.

More info:

  • Co-Hosts will get an amount of Links on the Rafflecopter entry widget with a structure as follows:
    • 1st social media Link for posting
    • Additional Links:
      • 2 more additional Links for $3 (3 Links total)
      • 4 additional Links for $5 (5 Links total)
      • 6  additional Links for $7 (7 Links total)
      • 9  additional Links for $10 (All 10 Links total)
  • Co-Hosts will have their blog name on the event Image button photo.
  • The Giveaway *officially* starts on December 1st at 12 am EST (11 pm CST), and runs until December 25, 2023 at 11:59pm PST (2 am CST). The sign ups close on November 29th at midnight CST. 
  • Any questions or concerns. Just emailDM on Twitter or you can use the online contact request form
  • On November 30th, I will be emailing the posting information by a Google Doc. So if you do not have the info by evening before, at 9 pm EST, PLEASE reach out!
  • All that is required basically on the starting date is to report your ready to go or #Live link of the event on your website. This form to report the info will be in the Google Form emailed on the night before the event starts that contains the HTML for posting and final button image photo.
  • This is an international event (but it has to be somewhere PayPal services. Amazon eGift card option only where deliverable, and always from Amazon.com no matter which country the winner resides). As with all international winners, fees PayPal charges are deducted before money is sent, including both any conversion and international disbursement fees.
  • I suggest the share and share the event on all social media throughout the event, at least two times per week.
  • Have FUN!!
  • Versatileer thanks everyone for their participation!!
  • Versatileer will be sponsoring cash events in 2024! Eight events all year long! First one starts JANUARY 1st! Information on this year of events will be going out in early December. The info will be going out earlier than the Co-Host opp for only one event, because next year there will be year-long Co-Host spots available!
  • Don’t forget to look for my email in early December for next year’s event info!

Feel free to grab the button for your sidebar or what have you. And the link to the Google Doc is right here:

Google Doc – Sign-Up Form

Thank you!

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Winner’s Choice: $150 Amazon eGift Card/PayPal Cash

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