October 16th was World Food Day. So let us celebrate a day of food in a knowledgeable way, learning that the food that you want–right now, is significant to the mood or frame of mind that you are in at the moment. To continue my series on living better and healthier, and in order to implement great healing–here is today’s article, designed to improve physical, emotional and spiritual healing in the post-COVID-19 era.

Versatileer  Brings you this post in regards to What Does Your Food Say Available by Dr. Debra Taylor, Ph.D., M.S.. The post contains reference materials courtesy and by permission of Weight WHAT?” at the weightwhatfoodaddictionscenter.com. It is brought to you and made available only for personal reference.

My Review: A great article that personally made my understanding of what food crave is going on right now, and the mood that goes along with it, at and how is correlative Center Of the Reason you Eat/Explode (C.O.R.E.) is activated and what it means, so that better understanding can help assist in making a plan of action. The article goes through foods from all the different groups of foods/drinks, and relates where each one is at, and relates the type of food’s meaning and possible issues that go along with where the status is today. Dr. Taylor also assisted me in being able to know that I was not alone in my patterns of thinking. I was almost 230 pounds, and the doctor told me I had to lose weight or I would not be able to get surgery back in 2019. It is not easy! Dr. Taylor’s former websites include: www.nowthatsjuststupid.com and Weight WHAT?” at the weightwhatfoodaddictionscenter.com. Dr. Debra Taylor, Ph.D., M.S. has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years, who has traveled nationally and internationally as a Weight Management Motivational Speaker and Consultant, with life changing motivational effort. I personally have been touched by Debra, and with this I endorse her services, and turn you on to the following resources–for your personal use only.

What Does Your Food Say
available by Dr. Debra Taylor, Ph.D., M.S.

Visit the Weight WHAT?” at the weightwhatfoodaddictionscenter.com” website. Available by Dr. Debra Taylor, Ph.D., M.S.

Get Your WHAT DOES YOUR FOOD SAY (Your personal food cheat sheet!):



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World Food Day: Special Article

What Does Your Food Say

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