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Overruling Judgment by Liz Ellyn

Book & Author Details:
Overruling Judgment by Liz Ellyn
Publication date: July 7th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Erotica, Romance
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Ian refuses to allow an explosive night of passion to derail his desire to make partner at the law firm. But, her tempting presence in the office, along with her alluring scent, mocks his resolve.

JD’s the hot art teacher with the body and stamina of a former professional hockey player. He’s a creative master, in and out of the bedroom, who captures the affection of the brilliant young attorney, but he second-guesses if he’s enough for her.

Sasha won’t settle for less in her career or love life. It’s all or nothing. After a twist of fate and a proclamation of love, Sasha escapes choosing between Ian and JD. The alternative is far more arousing.

With careers in flux and hearts on the line, how will they all find the fortitude to come out on top?

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p. 180
Ian started talking. Of course, he initiated control of the conversation just like he dominated legal negotiations. “We understand that you aren’t inclined to choose either one of us. We aren’t pressing you to do that now.” The tenderness in Ian’s voice and the concern in JD’s eyes alarmed her. 

Sasha’s chin began to quiver as a feeling of doom swept through her. Tears welled up in her eyes. “Are you both here for closure’s sake?” 

“Fuck no!” JD swore, clasping her hand more securely. “I have no desire to end things with you.” 

A tear slid down her cheek. Sasha started biting her lip. Did JD think she was going to choose him over Ian? Her head started to spin. Nausea brewed in her belly. 

Ian leaned in closer. “Neither of us wants to end things with you. Well, I suppose our case is a little different.” Ian extended an open hand. Her free hand itched to reach out and accept Ian’s offer. Uncertainty made her hesitate. 

“I’m totally confused.” Sasha looked back and forth between the two. Neither of their faces gave her a clue. What were they suggesting? 


p. 71
Sasha hurried down the blustery sidewalk. As the wind pelted her face, the dampness in the air sent chills through her entire body. November in Chicago meant all hope for a warm day was gone. The wind whipped around the buildings nearly blowing people down. She kept her head down in a protective stance against the abrasive frigid air. With her eyes cast downward and all her attention on getting in the warm lobby, she walked obliviously to those around her. 

Relieved to be out of the cold and in the warm elevator, she raised her head and reached to press the button for her floor. Her hand collided with another, and a bolt of electricity travelled through her body. It wasn’t a stranger’s hand. Ian was by her side. 

She looked up and found those light brown eyes gazing back at her. Damn. The eye contact brought back all the emotion again. An ache pulled in her core. They gaped at each other for the entirety of the elevator ride before it rudely dinged upon arriving at her floor. 

“Good to see you,” A slight grin appeared on Ian’s manly jaw. 

“Have a good day.” She smiled back warmly, but would have preferred to offer him a warm kiss. 


p. 89
Oh hell, yes! JD didn’t hesitate and ripped off his shirt. Unlike how he removed his shirt, JD slowly drew Sasha’s tank top up her torso allowing his hands to skim along her soft skin. His cock grew even harder as he revealed her perfectly full breasts. He unceremoniously dropped her top on the floor while continuing the kiss. He loved the feel of her smooth skin against his own.

But then she backed away. He hated the chill of the air that blew between them.

She gaped at him. “Damn!” Sasha rubbed her fingers over his pectorals and the muscles flexed. She trailed a finger between all the divots separating each section of his abs, making him shiver in response. “Michelangelo should have used you as a model rather than that David guy.”

Her compliment touched him in a way that no woman had ever affected him. He was used to being ogled, but Sasha’s words struck a chord. His restraint hung by a thread. “Thank you,” he said through gritted teeth, straining not to rush. He lifted her chin and pressed his lips to hers one more time.

A fire ignited and his control was incinerated. The intensity between them exploded. Sasha yanked his long hair. Her roughness turned him on. With her legs wrapped around him she ground herself against his length. She repeated the action again and again. He became impossibly hard.


p. 17
She laughed softly. She glanced at the bartender and shook her head back and forth before gracing him with a beautiful smile. “Hi Ian. I’m Alexandra.” Her smile practically knocked him over. She was simply beautiful. 

“Not Alex?” Had he heard the bartender incorrectly? Ian’s brain wasn’t functioning fully as his blood was rushing south. 

She chuckled. “Kat is the only one that calls me Alex. She says that no name should have more syllables than the word tequila.” 

Ian laughed, but complimented her at the same time, “Well, I think Alexandra is a great name.” 

Kat returned and handed a glass to Ian. She wore a suspicious smile. Ian took a sip. His tongue danced in confusion. He narrowed his eyes at the bartender. Kat smirked. “You ordered a vodka on the rocks?” 

“Yes.” He challenged, as the glass was filled with water, not alcohol. 

The bartender laughed. She gestured to Alexandra. “Well, here’s Alex Smirnova. And, I would definitely say she’s rocking that red dress tonight.” 

Ian’s eyes widened and questioned Alexandra. “As in the vodka?” 

“No. I have no relation to the vodka company, other than the fact that I do enjoy their products. Smirnova just happens to be an extremely common Russian name.” 

Funny, he hadn’t detected any accent in her voice. 

Addressing Kat, Ian commented, “Impressive bartending skills. I definitely like how you serve a vodka on the rocks.” Ian turned toward Alexandra and looked in those beautiful eyes. “I whole heartedly agree that you are rocking that red dress. You look amazing.”

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Author Bio:


Liz Ellyn nourishes people’s cravings for the irresistible. Like the decadent desserts she delivers, she creates alluring characters deserving of happy endings.

With degrees in both engineering and law, she argues that the positive energy gained by indulging in one’s guilty pleasure appropriately counterbalances the serious forces of daily life.

When she isn’t writing or devouring steamy romance books, she spoils her family, including her two dogs, Boomer and Tanner.

Bon Appetite and Happy Reading!

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