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How Technology Is Beneficial And Harmful To Us?
by Aqeel Hussain

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Technology is the name of such knowledge and art, thanks to which we can turn our difficulties into ease. With the help of technology, we can remove the roadblocks and progress. We can invent different things. Thanks to technology, distances have taken less time. Technology has kept us connected to our friends sitting in any corner of the world. 

Technology is also important in our business. Thanks to this, today we are running our business worth lakhs, crores, and billions of rupees sitting under the roof of our house. Technology has changed the image of this world our body. Which is impossible to separate.

in such a way that this world keeps watching with a finger in its mouth.


Technology as beneficial:

Technology has countless benefits. If any technology has advantages, there are also disadvantages to using it. However, the purpose of creating and inventing a technology is based on benefits. Further technology benefits are explained in detail with the help of some key examples.

  • The atomic bomb is a really dangerous technology. But when we look at its benefits, we find that its benefits are numerous. We can use the technology of an atomic bomb to generate electricity. Which is quite cheap compared to other sources. The atomic bomb is used by a country in self-defense.
  • Various types of vehicular technology, for example, trains, cars, buses, motorcycles, ships, and airplanes, have shortened human distances. Months of travel became a matter of seconds. Also, with the help of vehicle technology, travel has become comfortable and peaceful.
  • Internet and computer technology changed this world. Thanks to it we stay in touch with our friends and loved ones. Apart from this, businesses are also operated in a computer and internet facility. This technology is used in schools, colleges, universities, medical stores and hundreds of other places.
  • There are also notable technologies for health maintenance. Anesthetics and painkillers are very helpful. In addition, operating robots have filled the shortage of surgeons. With the help of this technology, the death rate has been reduced significantly.
  • Besides, there are a large number of technologies that have their own benefits. They include information, energy, aerospace, environmental, communication, automatic, finance, media, education, and space exploration technology.


Technology as harmful:

It is quite clear that the more beneficial the technology, the more harmful it is. However, some look at the disadvantages of the technologies.

  • An atomic bomb that is effective in generating cheap electricity and national defense has the potential to destroy the world. Due to its eruption, the human on the earth is burnt to a certain extent. This land loses its productivity. It has even been said that the earth may lose its orbit due to its big explosion.
  • While vehicles save time by reducing distance, they also adversely affect the environment. The emission of smoke from them pollutes the atmosphere. Constant horn noise causes mental restlessness. It was found that the disadvantages of this vehicle technology are not less.
  • Internet has its benefits but its misuse affects people a lot. People are misled by fake news. Excessive use of the internet is a waste of time and harmful to health.
  • Different types of drugs are used for good agricultural production. However, these pesticides and fertilizers destroy the natural productivity of the land. Besides, getting pure food is just a dream.

An overview of the above discussion is that any type of technology has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we should use technology properly. For example, atomic bomb technology should be used as energy and not to kill humanity, the internet should be moderated and reduced, noise and fume-free vehicles should be used, and more such technologies should be invented. Go which gives more benefit and less loss.

silver-imac-displaying-collage-photos-1779487 harmful_technology_1696814122.jpeg Designecologist at Pexels

Designecologist at Pexels

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How Technology Is Beneficial And Harmful To Us?

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