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Wicked Coven by A.S. Green

Book & Author Details:
Wicked Coven by A.S. Green
(Cursed Descendants, #1)
Publication date: September 5th 2023
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
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Stella Aldren, a talented witch from Salem, has been chosen by her coven to fulfill a seventeenth-century curse that can only end in death.

If Stella doesn’t want to get herself killed, she needs to find Ethan Mather—the infamous witch hunter’s descendant who’s running for governor—pluck a hair from his head, make a poppet of his sexy-as-sin self, and…strike him dead.

No muss. No fuss. But when Stella stalks her prey at a political gala, sparks fly. And it’s more than their combustible sexual attraction. There’s an unforeseen and unknown magic swirling around the mysterious and devastatingly handsome candidate, and Stella can’t bring herself to kill him.

At least not until she discovers who Ethan Mather really is.

Unfortunately, Stella isn’t the only curious witch in town. A second coven from Boston’s underbelly has Ethan in their sights, putting Stella in the middle of a war between covens. One that wants him dead. And one that wants his power for their own dark deeds.

Now Stella is faced with an impossible choice: kill the enemy she’s falling for…or betray her coven by letting him live, putting herself in their crosshairs instead.

Fans of K.F. Breene, Kim Richardson, and Charissa Weaks will soon become obsessed with this enemies-to-lovers, steamy paranormal romance.

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**ALSO! There are 12 pop culture witches hidden in the book. Find all 12 (or as many as you can) and be entered to win prizes. Contest ends on Halloween. Details are inside the book cover!**

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Author Bio:

USA Today bestselling author A.S. Green lives in chilly Minnesota and spends the all-too-short summers on Lake Superior, which is the muse for her paranormal and contemporary romances. She writes complex characters, action-packed plots, and snarky in-your-face banter. And, of course, loads of steamy love scenes.

When she’s not writing romance, she’s probably watching Outlander or pleading (unsuccessfully) with her husband to don the kilt she bought him last summer.

You can find her on most social platforms at @asgreenbooks. For the latest news – and to get your hands on exclusive content – subscribe to A.S. Green’s newsletter today (asgreenbooks.com)!

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Excerpt 1:
Ethan Mather spun Stella toward a corner of the dance floor, then suddenly stopped and pulled her so close she straddled his leg.

“The way you dance,” she said. “It should be criminal.”

Ethan’s eyes sparked with humor. “I’m surprised you think so.”

“I could surprise you in more ways than that,” Stella said, wishing she could think of a spell that would put him in his place without calling her out as a witch.

“Do you feel that?” he asked. His gaze bore into hers.

“People staring at us? Yeah, I feel it.” Not that she blamed anyone. Ethan in his tux. Her O.T.T. dress. The fact that they’d been holding this highly provocative pose for way too long… Who wouldn’t want to watch to see what happened next?

“No,” he said. “This. Do you feel this?

He tightened his arm around her waist, and Stella’s magic surged, heating her chest and sizzling through her veins.

Oh, yeah. She felt it all right. The pulsing sense of power was impossible to ignore. She only wished she knew what it meant.


Excerpt 2:
Stella Aldren had never been one to get emotionally attached to a man, but she’d already had a taste of her enemy’s kiss. She’d felt the surge of magic he elicited from her, not to mention the responsive swell of her heart. And strangest of all…those blue threads of her magic that kept drawing them closer together.

And now, she was going to his apartment.

Be careful, little witch, she thought, giving herself an internal talking to. Or you could fall down a well so deep you might never resurface.

In fact, maybe she’d already fallen. Maybe it was already too late.


Excerpt 3:
Stella Aldren made her approach, walking slowly, staying in the man’s line of sight so he’d see her when he looked up. And boy did he look. The man—her target—made eye contact with her not once, but twice. And the second time, their gazes stayed locked.

Stella’s breath caught in her throat. Damn he was handsome. His jet-black hair and square jaw were downright devastating, and none of his online photos had revealed the depth of his blue eyes—so deep, they were nearly navy.

Unfortunately, the poppet she’d made in his image—the one she was supposed to use to magically strike him down—didn’t come close to reflecting his beauty. In fact, Stella doubted there was a blue button in her entire collection that could even remotely match his eyes.

It was a pitiful shame that the Universe would waste so much deliciousness on a doomed man.


Excerpt 4:
“Excuse me, miss. Are you looking for someone?”

An electric tingle skittered over Stella Aldren’s skin. The scent of sandalwood filled her nose, and she whirled so fast she nearly lost her balance. Her gaze landed squarely on the center of a man’s tuxedoed chest.

The witch hunter’s descendant had broken away from his conversation and was now standing inches in front of her—up close and personal, and looking positively delicious.

Stella’s mouth went dry. She’d never met anyone so physically compelling, and here she was…on a mission from her coven to satisfy a seventeenth-century curse, and to kill this beautiful man.



Stella Aldren held the single strand of Ethan Mather’s beautiful, silky, dark hair up to the light. How strange that such a delicate thing could be the conduit for so much destructive power.

Before she could talk herself out of it, she stuffed the hair deep inside the poppet she’d made in Ethan’s image and sewed it shut.

The poppet had everything it needed now. The magic was complete. All she needed to do was stab a blackthorn through its heart, and Ethan would be dead. The terms of the curse would be satisfied.

But the poppet’s blue button eyes stared innocently up at her, working their magic on her instead, paralyzing her with fear and regret.

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