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Bewitching the Vampire by Brooklyn Ann

Book & Author Details:
Bewitching the Vampire by Brooklyn Ann
(Brides of Prophecy, #9)
Publication date: July 21st 2023
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
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The Lord Vampire of New Orleans meets his match in the leader of the local witch coven.

Magic is returning to Earth, and Raina Callahan’s witch coven is growing more powerful. She’s been warned to be wary of catching interest from dangerous people, and sure enough, she discovers that someone is following her. Her stalker turns out to be the owner of a vampire-themed club—who really is a vampire. And although he is dead sexy and charming, Raina is not okay with his surveillance or his intent to claim her as his. She will use every means of magic at her disposal to thwart him.

Valentin St. Scarasse, Lord Vampire of New Orleans, has a weakness for voluptuous women with magic in their blood. Just when he has his sights set on what promises to be a delicious meal—and maybe a few passionate nights in bed—the Thirteenth Elder commands him to watch over the witch and her coven and keep them safe. But when Raina catches Valentin spying on her, the witch and the vampire embark on a battle of wills that will only end if they surrender to the heat between them.

As the Evil One’s cultists invade the city, Raina and Valentin must learn to trust each other and together, help their communities form an alliance that both sides swore would never happen.

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Excerpt 1:
The sun had set by the time they left the restaurant. Raina groaned to see Valentin leaning against her car. “Did you even have time to feed?”

The vampire smirked and put his hand over his heart. “I’m touched that you care.”

“I just want to make sure that you aren’t planning on biting one of us.”

“And now you wound me.” Valentin gave her an unfairly sexy pout. “Ms. Callahan, I told you that your safety is of utmost importance to me. Now, may I have a ride, or will you make me walk?”

“Can’t you fly?”

His laughter held the texture of roughened velvet. “That is a rare ability with my kind.”

Raina wanted to ask more about what he could do but held her face in an impassive mask. “I guess you’ll have to take an Uber, then.”

With that, she and Alma got in her little Nissan Leaf and drove home. But when they pulled into the narrow driveway, Valentin was waiting on the curb, just outside the protective wards.

Raina glared at him as she got out of the car, noting that he remained outside the barrier. “I thought you couldn’t fly.”

“I can’t.”

“Did you turn into a bat then?” Alma asked him. “Or teleport?”

“I have my ways.” Valentin stood and dusted off his jeans. “You may as well invite me in.”

“Hell no,” Raina said as she shut her car door. “I’ve seen enough movies.”

The vampire laughed. “I don’t need an invitation to go inside your house. I’ve been in there before. You both have interesting taste in art. I especially like the movie posters. I’d just appreciate it if you to let down your ward.”


His pout twisted things beneath her ribs. “I am tired of being outside.”

“Then go home.”

“You know I can’t do that.”

Raina threw up her hands in exasperation, and she and Alma went into the house. They tried to ignore the fact that a vampire was lurking outside and watch a movie, but ended up turning it off and going to bed early. Despite her exhaustion, Raina tossed and turned for an hour, countless questions burning in her mind. She gave up on sleep, put on her robe, and went outside. Valentin was still sitting on the curb, reading a book.

He looked up with a smirk. “I’m glad you’re here to alleviate my boredom.”

“Who is Xochitl’s uncle?” Raina demanded, marching up to him.

Valentin’s eyes widened, and he visibly shuddered. “Probably one of the most terrifying beings in existence. I don’t know how much I’m allowed to tell you about him.” He sighed. “I honestly am sorry. I hate all these unknowns and uncertainties.”

“Me too.” She thought of her own concerns with the Nightwatch Society visitor and Xochitl’s email that gave her more questions than answers. Remembering the email, she found herself blurting, “Xochitl said you were watching me during the backstage meet and greet back in February. She said you looked like you wanted to eat me. What did she mean by that?”

The vampire’s lips curved in a wicked smile. “Exactly that.”

“But what—”

Suddenly, he stood behind her. Too late, she realized she’d stepped passed the protective barrier. Valentin’s fingertips swept her hair to the side, and his lips grazed her neck as he whispered, “If you’re asking if I want to sink my teeth into your pretty neck and taste your powerful blood, the answer is yes.”

Before she could respond, he appeared in front of her, his green eyes glowing like dark emeralds. “Or, if you’re asking if I want to part your luscious thighs and plunge my tongue into your plump pussy until you scream my name in pleasure, the answer is also yes.”

Raina shivered uncontrollably as the mental picture he painted sent frissons of arousal jolting between her legs.

“Of course, I will not do either unless you ask me to,” he finished while his eyes continued to blaze emerald flame.

Finally, her faculties recovered enough for her to pull away and step back into the safety of her barrier. “Just because I’m fat doesn’t mean I have low enough self-esteem to fall for your attempts to flatter me.”

Valentin’s eyes hardened. “Just because society often lauds thinner women as paragons of beauty doesn’t mean I have to change my own personal tastes. Nor does it make you any less beautiful. Furthermore, I’ve never felt the need to feign attraction to someone. My flirtations are sincere. It’s one thing if my advances aren’t welcome, but quite another if you think I’m a liar.”


Excerpt 3:
Raina felt the heat of the blood through the glass jar and felt a wave of dumbstruck awe at the surrealness of holding a pint of Valentin’s blood in her hands. “Thank you for keeping your end of the bargain. And for the food.” Feeling awkward, she rose from the couch. “I’d better head back.”

Valentin gave her a rueful smile. “I’m afraid that’s not going to be possible, chérie.”

“Why not?”

“The sun came up ten minutes ago.” His smile broadened, abandoning any pretense of remorse. “The building is locked down until dusk.”

Raina’s jaw dropped in the face of his mild tone. “You planned this on purpose!”

“Maybe.” Valentin gave her another smug smile. “You may as well put that blood in the fridge and text your friends so they don’t worry about you.”

She followed his first suggestion since she didn’t want to destroy a rare and powerful tool for her magic. The sight of the bottles of water, juice, wine, and fresh packages of lunchmeat and cheese made her want to kick herself for not noticing that he’d planned for her to stick around all day.

Instead, she whirled on him and summoned two fireballs in the palms of her hands. “Let me out now. Or else.”

The vampire vanished, and then she felt hot, steely manacles on her wrists before she was spun around and propelled forward at light speed. Raina blinked and found herself in the bathroom. Before she could process that, cold water sprayed on her hands and face.

Valentin’s lips grazed her ear as he growled in a terrifying voice. “Don’t you ever summon fire in my lair. Fight me all you want, but I will not allow you to endanger my people.”

I’m sorry, she almost said, but her anger, both at his trapping her here and how easily he’d overpowered her, bubbled back to the surface. She’d worked hard on being able to summon flames like Xochitl. And he’d managed to break her concentration and snuff them the minute he seized her. Yet he’d still drenched her in the shower when that wasn’t even necessary.

“Fine,” she snarled back. “Have some water then.”

Gathering her power, she redirected the shower spray over her shoulder so it would hit him in the face.

Valentin’s gurgled sounds of outrage told her she’d aimed true. A torrent of French curses escaped him, somehow managing to sound both scary and sexy. His grip on her tightened almost painfully, then she was spun around again and pinned against the shower wall. 

“I endured the stinking floodwaters of Katrina, witch. Your little waterspouts won’t harm me.”

His eyes glowed green fire, his lips were drawn back to reveal his fangs, and his hair hung in wet dripping strands over his face. Damn him. Somehow, he managed to look hot and terrifying at the same time. Mingled arousal and fear chased away her bravado.

He must have seen her momentary defeat, for his lips curved in a feral grin. “What’s your next move, chérie?”

Damn him! She bared her own teeth in a bitter grin. “You told me you wished you could fly.”

Raina shoved her power outward, intending to propel him into the wall. But Valentin’s grip remained on her shoulders, so she went flying with him. They slammed into the wall above the bathtub with a sickening crack of tile. The impact knocked the wind out of her. A pitiful “oof” escaped her mouth, and her head spun with dizziness.

Wearing a corset had been a terrible idea. The wire boning dug into her breasts and ribs uncomfortably.

Mon pauvre,” Valentin murmured in a husky voice before she was once more flipped around and pinned. “I think that hurt you worse than it did me.”

“I’m fine,” she lied. “Your move.”

“If you wish.”

Then his mouth was on hers, hot and insistent. Raina melted under the onslaught and returned the kiss hungrily. She tried to reach for his hair, but he kept her arms pinned against the cold tile.

Author Bio:

Formerly an auto-mechanic, Brooklyn Ann thrives on writing romance, urban fantasy, and horror novels featuring unconventional heroines and heroes who adore them. Author of historical paranormal romance in her critically acclaimed “Scandals with Bite” series, urban fantasy in the cult favorite, “Brides of Prophecy” novels, rockstar romance in the award-winning, “Hearts of Metal” series, and horror in the “B Mine” series, horror romances riffing on the 1970s and 1980s B horror movies that feature a Final Couple instead of a Final Girl.

She lives in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho with her gamer son, rockstar/IT Guy boyfriend, three cats, a few project cars, an extensive book collection, and miscellaneous horror memorabilia.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Newsletter


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