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Which Plains State is OK:
The Beginning Years: It is believed that the Wichita and the Caddo can be traced back in prehistory at least about two thousand years, and that the Osage and Apachean-speaking people can perhaps be documented much before Europeans arrived in Oklahoma, with Ute, Comanche, Osage, Quapaw, Wichita, and the Caddo tribes living throughout the land. The first European to arrive in Oklahoma in 1541, was Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado, searching for gold that was not in Oklahoma. Over one hundred years later, French explorer Robert de La Salle arrived. He claimed the land for the French who then established fur trading posts along the rivers in the region. 

More History: The state of Oklahoma is one of the final 5 states to become a state, and in 1803, the United States bought a large region of land west of the Mississippi River from the French for $15 million as part of the Louisiana Purchase which included Oklahoma. In 1819, Oklahoma became part of the Arkansas Territory. In 1830, Congress passed the Indian Removal Act requiring the Indian tribes in the Southeast to give up their land and go even further west, leaving Oklahoma being set aside as Indian Territory. Many tribes moved to the new territory including the Creek, Chickasaw, Seminole, Choctaw, and Cherokee, with some tribes were forced to march to this new territory, under harsh conditions. When the Cherokees were succumbed to Oklahoma in 1838, around 4,000 Cherokee died in the march is called the Trail of Tears. After the Civil War, Oklahoma became part of the American frontier, whereby cattle ranchers used Indian lands to graze their cattle, becoming a land of cowboys and Indians. In the late 1800s large sections of Oklahoma were still unoccupied. Despite making promises to the Indian tribes that the land was theirs, the United States decided to allow settlers into the land. In 1889, a large section of 2 million acres was opened up to the public, with “homesteaders” waiting on the border to “rush” in and grab land when a gunshot was administered. People cheated and snuck in early, hence the name “sooners”, which gave the state its nickname. Oklahoma became the 46th state on November 6, 1907, with an original capital city being Guthrie. The capital city moved to being Oklahoma City in the year 1910. 

Climate of Oklahoma: Oklahoma’s climate consists of  a southern humid belt merging with a colder northern continental one and humid eastern and dry western zones that cut through the state. The result is normally pleasant weather and an average annual temperature of about 60 °F , increasing from northwest to southeast. No region is free from wind. This difference in temperatures and humidity levels demarks the sate with a high likelihood of having tornadoes. Its proximity give home to the U.S. National Weather Service in Norman, Oklahoma, and a sector of the NWS called the “Storm Prediction Center”.

The Great Location of Oklahoma: Oklahoma is located with Kansas to most of the north side, Colorado to the north on the complete western counties, New Mexico to the west, Texas to the west and south, Arkansas to most of the eastern side, and Missouri to the upper eastern side of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma’s Statehood Facts:

  • Date: 11/16/1907
  • Capital: Oklahoma City
  • Population: 4,019,800 (Est. 2022)
  • Size: 69,899 square miles
  • Nicknames: Sooner State & Panhandle State
  • State Motto: Labor omnia vincit “Work conquers all”
  • Tree: Redbud (Cercis Canadensis)
  • Flower: Oklahoma Rose
  • Bird: Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (Muscivora Forficata)

The History:

Oklahoma Officially Adopted as a U.S. State, State Song, Admission Date & Oklahoma Flag
State Name Info
State Song
Capital Flag Image
46th State. Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory
“Oklahoma Sky” by Miranda Lambert
11/16/1907 Oklahoma City STATE FLAG_OK.png
See: Officially Adopted as a U.S. States, State Songs, Admission Dates & Flags at: National States And Capitals Day! – 2022 US State's Flags '22.jpg

Some Great Oklahoma Sites:  Here is a list of some some great places to visit while in Oklahoma:

  • Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum, Oklahoma City
  • The Great Route 66, whole state of Oklahoma
  • Myriad Botanical Gardens, Oklahoma City
  • Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve, Bartlesville
  • Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, Norman
  • Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa
  • Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa
  • JM Davis Arms and Historical Museum, Claremore
  • National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City
  • Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden, Oklahoma City
  • Science Museum Oklahoma, Oklahoma City
  • Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Oklahoma City
  • Cave House of Tulsa, Tulsa
  • Oklahoma Aquarium, Jenks
  • E.W. Marland Mansion, Ponca City
  • Woody Guthrie Center, Tulsa
  • Henry Overholser Mansion, Oklahoma City
  • 45th Infantry Museum, Oklahoma City
  • Museum of Osteology, Oklahoma City
  • The Toy and Action Figure Museum, Pauls Valley
  • Museum of the Great Plains, Lawton
  • Chickasaw Cultural Center, Sulphur
  • Ed Galloway’s Totem Pole Park, Chelsea
  • 99s Museum of Women Pilots, Oklahoma City
  • Cherokee Heritage Center, Park Hill
  • Tiger Safari Zoological Park, Tuttle
  • Will Rogers Memorial Museum, Claremore
  • National Weather Center, Norman
  • Armstrong Auditorium, Edmond
  • Beavers Bend State Resort Park, Broken Bow

Memorable Oklahoma Events:  Here is a list of some events that happened in Oklahoma:

  • 1541 – Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado is the first European to arrive.
  • 1682 – Robert de La Salle claims Oklahoma for France.
  • 1803 – Oklahoma becomes part of the United States through the Louisiana Purchase.
  • 1819 – Oklahoma is part of the Arkansas Territory.
  • 1830 – Congress passes the Indian Removal Act.
  • 1835 to 1838 – Many Indian tribes are forced to move from the southeast to Oklahoma.
  • 1866 – Slavery is abolished.
  • 1889 – Much of Oklahoma is opened up to homesteaders.
  • 1897 – The first oil well is drilled in Oklahoma.
  • 1905 – The Indian tribes request to create an all Indian state called Sequoyah.
  • 1907 – Oklahoma becomes the 46th state.
  • 1910 – The capital city is moved from Guthrie to Oklahoma City.
  • 1930 – Severe drought begins across much of the Great Plains causing the Great Dust Bowl. Many people will leave Oklahoma and head west in the aftermath for decades.
  • 1995 – The Oklahoma City bombing occurs when terrorists bombed a government building killing 168 people.

Oklahoma is a “Dust Bowl” State:
The “Dust Bowl” was a dreaded phenomenon that was the largest weather disaster that was directly caused by decades of ill activity man created by lack of the proper knowledge skills to preserve a land’s environment. For decades leading up to the disaster, mankind kept using the disk plow which dug too deep into the soil of the plains and pulverized the dirt and made in featherlight. To make matters worse, mankind kept digging up the grassland to plant for aid to economic depression of both Europe and the United States, with legislation to pay farmers more than the value of the crops. The Dust Bowl also was brought on by natural effects of extended drought and unusually high temperatures. Poor agricultural practices and the resulting wind erosion all contributed to making the Dust Bowl. President Herbert Hoover then finally admitted it was a disaster when the winds blew the dust all the way to Washington D.C. U.S. Congress established the Soil Erosion Service and the Prairie States Forestry Project in 1935. The Dust Bowl effected Oklahoma and other U.S. States. A great book with the subject of the Dust Bowl is listed here:


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National Oklahoma Day!

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