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Sienna Michaels has been waiting for her invitation to the Bonding Trials

It’s her opportunity to match with an alpha pack and show off her training as an omega. But when she’s matched with the Cohen pack, Sienna gets a lot more than she bargained for at their Bonding ceremony.

Tristan, Jax, Logan and Gray Cohen are Sienna’s Soul Bonded fated mates.

Destiny. Made for each other.

Except… they don’t seem that bothered.

In fact, they don’t want her at all. They want someone else.

Sienna has no choice but to work through the Bonding Trials and try to get to know her reluctant alphas.

She needs to pass her Trials to be able to stay with the Cohen pack, and if she doesn’t…

Well. She might be Denied.

Rejected mates
Soul Bonded fated
OW drama
Heat trauma
Buckets and buckets of tears
Emotional damage

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Excerpt 1:
Leaning against the bar, I’m lost in my own world when there’s a bump from behind me, the last of my lemonade spilling out down my silver satin top and making me jump back, hitting a hard body.

“Oh, I’m sor—”

My words break off as textured hands gently grasp the top of my arms. A warm huff of breath lands on my head. A choked sound follows.

My feet root to the floor even as I lean into the heat of a total stranger. What is wrong with me tonight?

I can’t help but take deep, gulping breaths of his scent. Whoever this is, he’s clearly an alpha.

An alpha who smells freaking amazing, like the earth after rainfall. Petrichor.

I suck it down like oxygen, even as my breathing speeds up and I feel lightheaded. The hands resting on my arms rub up and down, gently soothing me, the alpha curving himself over me as whispered words brush my ear.

“Turn around, sweetheart. I need to see your face.”

There’s a familiar rasping undertone to his words, but I’m still lost in his scent. Spinning, I press myself into a broad chest, my nose seeking the touch of bare skin left open at the top of his dark shirt. My hands slide up, gripping the collar of his shirt as I breathe deeply, and his head drops to the crook of my neck as he breathes in.


His growl reverberates through my bones, settling deep in my chest with a harsh tug.

It’s want, it’s longing, it’s straight-up lust like I’ve never felt before in my life.

And as he moves back, for the first time in my life I let out a long, needy whine.

Holy shit.

Is this—no.

It can’t be.

But as my head clears and I yank myself back to stare into impossibly familiar, widened violet eyes, I know there’s no mistake.

Jax Cohen isn’t just my future alpha.

He’s my damn Soul Bonded.


Excerpt 2:
Sunlight casts shadows across the path in front of me as Tristan Cohen takes a step forward, his fists clenched. My brow creases before I smooth it out, conscious of the watching eyes waiting to judge us.

He doesn’t exactly look thrilled to be here. Maybe he’s just as petrified as I am.

My body leans forward involuntarily as he stalks up the aisle, his face blank. Taking a deep breath, I choke as his scent hits me, sharp warmth like the bite of whiskey on a winter night wrapping around me. He smells like home. God, I want to rub myself up against him. My mother would be horrified if I did that in the middle of my Bonding Ceremony though.

Jubilation fills me as his eyes finally lift to mine, his nostrils flaring as he sucks in a breath of his own, his step stuttering slightly.

My lips lift in a tremulous smile, anticipation flipping my stomach upside down as he reaches the circle. This is it. This is the moment he realizes that I’m his Soul Bonded.

Any second now.

Tristan pauses before he takes a step closer, his muscular body brushing against mine. I have to tip my head back to look into his face, his body brushing against mine. Tipping my head back, I stare into his eyes, wondering at the blaze of color. One the vibrant green of the forest lining the wall surrounding Navarre, the other the jeweled blue of the ocean.

Tristan studies me just as intently, his full lips tightened into a flat line.

“Hello.” It’s a whisper between us, dropping like a stone in the awkward silence that I’m met with on meeting my god damned Soul Bonded.

It’s not supposed to be this awkward, right? I mean, I can feel him inside me. It’s a yearning, a draw in my chest pulling me towards him, like I’ve suddenly discovered the North Star.

Maybe I’ve done something wrong? Frowning as my eyes slide down to his chest, I think back. I don’t think I’ve missed anything. Tristan’s face tightens and pulls into a scowl.

“Let’s get this over with.”

It takes me a second to process.

My mouth drops open as I stare at him wordlessly, hurt hitting me straight in the chest.

I mean, I’m not anything special, but…

“Don’t you feel it?” I ask him. My lips feel numb. He cocks a perfect brow at me.

“Feel what?” he asks abruptly, glancing behind him. The crowd starts to murmur.

“We need to hurry this up. The others are waiting.”

I lean around him, catching a glimpse of the others waiting. Jax’s face is like thunder.

None of them look happy.

Oh god. They’re… disappointed. Furious, even.

And we’re stuck together, because there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that these alphas are my Soul Bonded.

My eyes burn, but I force myself to nod when Tristan turns his unsettling eyes back to me. “Of course. Do what you need to do.”

His hands lift, hesitating, before he rests them on my shoulders. They tremble beneath his light grip, and he squeezes lightly before he glances away again.

His hands are gentle, completely at odds with his brusque manner as he tugs me towards him until we’re pressed together, our breaths mingling. His scent grows impossibly warmer, deeper, and I soften against him until his hands slide behind my back, holding me up.

Slightly woozy, I blink up at him as he leans down. A hint of beard surprises me, making me shiver as he sinks his face into my bare neck. His hands clench against me, hot against the lace material as he inhales against my skin, the rasp of his stubble dragging down against my neck as his other hand moves to my neck, pulling gently until I’m completely bent for him, his leg between mine.

I don’t know what his damn problem is, but it sure isn’t lack of attraction. Because I can feel it in the harsh pants of our breathing mingling together, the desperation of his hands as they yank me towards him. I’m burning for him, fire twisting up my insides and licking into a molten furnace in my abdomen.


Excerpt 3:
I don’t know what I expected. But the devastation only grows inside me as the next alpha walks towards me, his copper hair glinting like rusted blood in the sunlight.

I expected more from Jax. And he just shattered my fragile hope like confetti. Took the last, tiny piece of my heart and crushed it beneath the shining black dress shoes he’s worn to this farce of a Bonding Ceremony.

I should have withdrawn. Soul Bonded or not.

I don’t smile as Grayson Cohen moves into position opposite me. And he doesn’t either. Rather, he nods at me, almost respectfully.

“Shall we get this over with?” he offers, his voice low.

The lump in my throat grows. Get it over with. Like I’m an imposition. Some unwanted chore on the list.

Like the most important day of our lives isn’t burning to the ground in front of us, helped along by a scarlet-haired beta bitch who’s grinning at me from her front row seat to my humiliation.


The word drops like a stone into the heavy atmosphere as I tip my head to the side, and Grayson steps into the now familiar position, the heat of his body warming mine. I didn’t realize how cold I felt, and I shake as he curls his hand around my neck.

Breathing in, I close my eyes at the warmth he’s giving off, his campfire and toasted marshmallow scent surprisingly soft for such a harsh looking alpha.

Three for three so far.

The awareness that he’s my Soul Bonded too, that moment of wonder, is swamped beneath the pain beating a vicious rhythm in my chest. It feels unbearable.

But I’ll be damned if I don’t see this through.

Instead of layering his scent, Grayson pulls me until our foreheads rest gently together. Squeezing my eyes shut, I wait for him to move.

“I’m so sorry,” he whispers. His voice shakes a little. “Truly, Sienna.”

The sob breaks out. Just one, but Grayson pulls back sharply.

“Come on,” I whisper, my eyes still shut. “Get it over with.”


Excerpt 4:
Alicia wails, running out to look. “You’ve gone mad,” she hisses, coming back in and snatching away the shoes in my hand as she hugs them to her chest. “Stark, raving mad, Jax Cohen!”

“Oh, no.” I wag my finger at her, enjoying the moment far too much. “You are most definitely the psycho bitch in this non-existent enemalationship, Alicia. And it’s time to get the fuck out of our house.”

She frowns. “What’s an enema….lationship?”

I roll my eyes. “Obviously, it’s a mix-up of enemies and relationship. Also, an enema is where they inject liquid up your ass so you spray everywhere.”

I throw the second case, enjoying the look on her face as it breaks open. “You’re an enema in human form and I am flushing you the fuck out.”

Does that make sense? Maybe not. It makes sense in my head, anyway.

I hear a shout from downstairs, a curse. “Jax!” Gray’s bellow is furious. “You broke my model!”

I wince. Shit. Might’ve got a little carried away.

Scanning the room, I check everything is gone before I turn to Alicia. She squawks as I approach, flapping her hands at me in a way that makes absolutely not an iota of difference as I flip her over my shoulder.

She screams at me the entire way down the stairs, beating at my back like a mosquito with an attitude problem.

“If it makes you feel better,” I say casually when she pauses for breath, “I voted to sling you over the wall. But your father wants you home, so I’m afraid it’s goodbye for now, Alicia.”

I dump her on the doorstep, grabbing the cases and chucking them out after her.

Her hair is wild, sticking up in gloopy pink clumps as she wails. “How do I get home?”

“You’re an inventive little thing,” I shoot back. “I’m sure you’ll work it out.”


“Don’t let the gates hit you in the ass on the way out!” I call cheerfully, before I slam the door shut hard enough to rattle the walls.


Author Bio:

Evelyn Flood is addicted to books – specifically, reverse harem and omegaverse. She spends her time browsing book groups for recs and adding them to her never-ending TBR, where she promptly forgets about them and then goes back to the book groups for more recs. You’ll never see her without a cup of tea and on weekends she likes to dance and drink espresso martinis.

If you like protective, growly alphas, vulnerable omegas who aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves and LOTS of knotting, nesting and naughty scenes, then settle in.

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