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Coming Release Date July 1st 2023
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Wonder Land by Alexis Rey

Book & Cover Details:

Wonder Land by Alexis Rey
Publication date: July 1st 2023
Genres: Adult, Romance
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She was told she’ll be called Alice. She was told he will meet her there. She wasn’t told much else, but she knows it will be a singular experience she won’t soon forget.

Wonderland. Where she will discover things about herself she both always knew and didn’t believe existed.

Except it doesn’t turn out to be a singular experience, as the call of Wonderland lures Alice back again and again, and her mysterious stranger shows her more and more hidden recesses of her fantasy self. Every time she sees him, he ups the ante and wants more of her, while keeping himself shrouded in mystery.

But soon, lines between fantasy and reality, home and Wonderland, begin to get blurred as two very real vulnerable people find themselves entrenched in each other more than they think they should be.

How far will Alice and her Dom go to prove themselves to each other?”

**Wonder Land is a box set of chronological novellas**

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Author Bio:

As a spice reader and a spice lover, Alexis long ago decided the real world wasn’t worth the stress. She would prefer to live in a more exciting, spicier place. Hence, she became a writer and travels to various spicy worlds every day.

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