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Call Sign: King by Livia Grant

Book details:
Call Sign: King by Livia Grant
Publication date: May 8th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
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He got
cocky. Let his guard down.

Now the love of his life is paying the price.

For a moment he’d forgotten there were men who wanted him dead. Men who lived their
lives in the dark, who could reach out of the shadows he used to live in, and he’d been naive to
think the light inside her would keep her safe.

She was too bright to hide away though, made for the spotlight, and he’d felt warmer just by
being near her… then everything went cold so fast.

In a breath she was gone, in the hands of his enemies, and he’d seen first hand what
happened to women who crossed paths with the Volkov Bratva. They’d touch her, hurt her.
She’d be afraid, suffering.

All because of him. All in the name of vengeance.

But that was their mistake, because in the maddening darkness her absence has put him in,
a beast was sleeping… and they woke him up. Now everyone will pay.

Black Sky Ops – Danger for Hire

This network of global mercenaries stay in the shadows, going on the impossible missions
no one else will take. The elite soldiers of Black Sky Ops aren’t afraid to break the rules as long
as it’s for the greater good — and the paycheck is high enough. But sometimes the line between
right and wrong gets blurry, especially when protecting the people they love.

Note: The Black Sky Ops series is made up of full length
novels with no cliffhangers and guaranteed happily-ever-afters. Each book is a standalone and
the series can be read in any order.

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EXCERPT 1 – (Rated PG):
It was on the sideline of the theater he literally bumped into Trevor — the only other man on the planet he felt confident leaving his wife’s safety to.

“That was one of her best performances,” Trevor said. “I knew when they were filming last year it was special.”

“Yeah. She better damn well win this year.”

“She will,” Trevor said sounding as proud as Ryder felt. “And while she deserves it, each notch she raises on the ladder of fame makes our job just that much harder.”

“Tell me something I don’t know,” Ryder groused, as aggravated today as he had been four years before by the impossible love match between an international celebrity and a deep-cover agent. “As much as I love being here with her tonight, I can’t shake the feeling that it was a mistake to come.”

Ryder tried not to share his fears with Khloe, but he hid nothing from Trevor McLean, his queen’s Royal Guard.

“Your contacts at the CIA gave you a clean report last month, right?”

“Just because the Volkov’s have been wounded, I’ll never count them out — not until Alexi runs them into the ground for good.”

Just thinking about his last mission in Russia before he burned his cover put him on edge.

“You said yourself he’s a weak leader compared to his dead cousins. But if he’s still a threat, why not just have BSO take him out?”

Trevor asked a question Ryder had found himself contemplating more often these days.

He sighed. “Because killing him would be just another ‘whack a mole’ mission as the team likes to say. Someone new would take his place… maybe even someone worse. At least I know him — understand how he thinks. And anyway, the Volkovs are just one of a dozen crime families that would love to see me six-feet under. I can’t very well take hits out on all of them,” Ryder groused, never taking his eyes off his beaming wife.

“Why not?” Trevor asked.

It was a simple enough question, and in all honesty, it was a solution he had the means and resources to pull off.

“I guess because despite all of the f***ed up s**t I’ve done, my moral compass has always pointed squarely in the good-guy direction. Voluntarily taking out dozens of marks I haven’t interacted with in years just so I can get a better night’s sleep seems like a slippery slope.”

“I get that, and even respect that, but at the end of the day, they’re the bad guys — not you. And certainly not Khloe. I love seeing her this happy. You being here made that happen.”

EXCERPT 2 – (Rated PG13):
Ryder’s light touch on her elbow, leading her away from the entertainment reporter, was reassuring, if not unexpected.

“Good girl fielding those questions,” he praised softly. “I get a hard-on watching you handling the press.”

Oh how she wished she could reach down to feel the front of his tuxedo pants to test his assertion.

“That would mean more if I didn’t know you also get a hard-on just watching me walk on the treadmill.”

Ryder’s chuckle was out of character for him while in public. She was relieved to know he was at least having a little bit of fun, despite being worried about being recognized.

“Of course I do. Watching those tits of yours bouncing up and down does it for me, princess.” he leaned in, whispering intimately against her ear.

EXCERPT 3 – (Rated PG13):
“Ricky, you go first. Head to the luggage carousels. The studio’s driver should be waiting there. Khloe and I will be right behind you. Michael, take up the rear so you can keep an eye out. If things are smooth, stop for the bags. If not, leave them behind.”

“But I need to stop and pee,” Khloe interjected.

“No. You need to hold it.”

“Oh for crying out loud. This is ridiculous,” she complained.

Instead of arguing with her, Trevor held out his smartphone. Filling the screen was a grainy photo of her and Ryder holding hands at the premier the week before. Typed words on the screen said, ‘Who is Khloe Monroe’s mystery man?’


She didn’t have to talk to him to know Ryder was losing his s**t right now. This was his worst nightmare come true. They’d been so careful, barely touching the entire evening. The damn photo was taken in that tiny window when she’d comforted him at the end of the movie. The theater had been dark. She’d been sure no one would be watching her instead of the climax happening on the big screen.

“How upset is he?” she asked, letting Trevor pull her back into motion.

“On a scale of one to ten, he’s at a one-thousand.”

EXCERPT 4 – (Rated PG13):
“Check in, Torch,” Reaper finally said, breaking the radio silence. “East team make it out in one piece?”

“Roger, that, Reaper. Steel got nicked in the arm, but BooBoo is patching him up.”

Ryder couldn’t hold in his chuckle at the ridiculous call sign the men had given their other field medic. Still, despite their rivalry, he was thrilled the team leaders were checking in with each other. He was less happy to hear that a member of the other squad had been shot.

Hawkeye asked the question Ryder was thinking. “Do we need Gopher to prep the OR back at The Ranch?”

“Naw,” Torch answered. “BooBoo says it was just a graze. At most he may need a stitch or two.” Ryder was relieved to hear it.

“For the last f***ing time, I refuse to accept the call sign BooBoo,” Cody groused. “The men on the boat just called me Doc.”

Ryder broke into the exchange. “But we already have a Doc and she was here first. You need a different call sign.”

“Fine, anything but BooBoo.”

“How about Owie?” someone teased bringing a fresh round of laughter.

“How about you shut the f*** up,” Cody shot back.

“I’ve got it,” someone else said. “How about Quack?”

Hawkeye came to the aide of his counterpart on Torch’s team. “You all give him s**t now, but when you get your ass injured, you’ll be glad he’s no quack.”

It was Arrow who piped up with a decent suggestion. “I think he should be Scalpel. He’s done surgeries, right?”

The silence at the other end of the line told Ryder Cody liked Arrow’s suggestion better than BooBoo or Quack.

“Scalpel it is,” Torch answered. “Let’s just hope he doesn’t get much practice with his knife.” Ryder silently agreed as the team turned their attention to him.

“I want to know why the King decided to come with us today. Didn’t you have any papers that needed pushing?” Hammer teased from the safety of the other helicopter.

“He’s trying to avoid going home.”

The voice coming through everyone’s headset belonged to Ryder’s oldest friend, Axel. By the look on everyone’s face, they, too, had forgotten that while Wrath was still on the ground back at The Ranch, he had full access to their communication link.

“Why the hell would he avoid that sweet Queen he has waiting for him back home? I’d never f***ing leave the house if I had her waiting in my bed,” Tank teased.

Normally, Ryder would have agreed with the horn-dog of the team. But today was different, and he’d obviously made a mistake in confiding his concern to his old friend.

“I suggest you shut the f*** up, Wrath,” Ryder warned.

“You don’t scare me, King,” Axel countered bravely.

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Author Bio:

USA Today bestselling author Livia Grant lives in Chicago with her husband and furry
rescue dog named Max. She is fortunate to have been able to travel extensively and as much
as she loves to visit places around the globe, the Midwest and its changing seasons will always
be home. Livia’s readers appreciate her riveting stories filled with deep, character driven plots,
often spiced with elements of BDSM.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Bookbub


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