Happy National Joe Day!

Yesterday was National Joe Day! A day to celebrate Joe on it’s term Joe. Serve with your friend Joe, or Jo, or any other rendition. . .

Happy National Joe Day ! !

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A Brief History on Joe:
Coffee Founded By: Joe (Coffee) can trace its heritage back to the ancient coffee forests in the Ethiopian plateau as legend states, with mountain goat herder Kaldi.

Why: Needless to answer, flavor, caffeine, the aroma, etc.

Where: All around the world.

When: Joe’s Day is celebrated every March 27th. Coffee is from centuries ago. It is stated that it may be way much more, but documentation cannot prove such information to be true.

First Official National Joe Day!: The exact origin of International Coffee Day is unknown. There have been many organizations that have over the years investigated this, including the National Coffee Association, the one that the rock group Heart was a member of and supported with Colombian Coffee and Juan Veldez; before the country’s vivid regime takeovers and massive violence spread due to the assertion of cocaine growth near the late 80’s and early 90’s. An international event was first promoted in Japan in 1983. Originally, a Coffee Day began as word spread east and reached the Arabian Peninsula, in order to have the Arabic people begin to cultivate and trade coffee. The event now celebrated globally on different days in different countries, as a way to promote fair trade coffee and raise awareness for the plight of the coffee farmers. An international event is celebrated in just two days, International Coffee Day, on October 1st.

A Few Facts:
I am sharing a few facts, and more, some trivia, some not trivial. . .
More Joe Facts and Yummy Tales:
Other Variations of Joe:

  • Espresso: A short black approximately 1 oz., or shot of highly concentrated coffee served to “soup up” a cup of coffee, or served alone in a 2-4 oz. Espresso Cup.
  • Double Espresso: Also referred as a Doppio Espresso, is a doubled version of the single, again served to “soup up” a cup of coffee, or served alone in a 3-4 oz. Demitasse Cup.
  • Red Eye Coffee: An old world referral to increase the standard of caffeine to a normal cup of coffee. The ratio is 1 shot of espresso plus a 6 oz. of drip-brewed coffee in a 8 oz. Coffee Mug.
  • Black Eye Coffee: It is a doubled version of the Red Eye and is very high in caffeine served in an 8-10 oz. Coffee Mug.
  • Americano: Originated during World War II when soldiers would add water to their coffee to extend their rations with the water diluting the espresso while still maintaining its high level of caffeine. Served with 1 shot of espresso to a 3 oz. cup of hot water in a 5-6 oz. Clear Glass Coffee Mug.
  • Long Black: Similar to the Americano, but has more cream, and originated in New Zealand and/or Australia. Served with 1 shot of espresso to a 3 oz. cup of hot water in a 5-6 oz. Clear Glass Coffee Mug.
  • Macchiato: Macchiato means to mark or stain and references to the mark that steamed milk leaves on the surface of the espresso as it is dashed instead of being poured into the drink to keep the layering intact. Flavoring syrups can often be added into the drink according to preference. Served with 1 shot of espresso to 1 to 2 teaspoons of steamed milk in a 3 oz. Clear Glass Espresso Cup.
  • Long Macchiato: It is a taller version or the standard version and will usually be more identifiable by its distinctive layers of coffee and steamed milk. Served with 2 shots of espresso to 2 to 4 teaspoons of steamed milk in a 5 oz. Rocks Glass
  • Cortado: The Cortado takes the Macchiato one step further by evenly balancing the espresso with warm milk in order to reduce the acidity. Served with 1 shot of espresso to 1 oz. of warm milk plus 1/3 inch or a centimetre of foam in a 5 oz. Rocks Glass
  • Breve: A Breve provides a decadent twist on the average espresso, adding steamed half-and-half to create a rich and creamy texture. Served with 1 shot of espresso to 3 oz. of steamed half-and-half plus 1/3 inch or a centimetre of foam in a 5-7 oz. Low Cup.
  • Cappuccino: A creamy coffee drink, usually consumed at breakfast time in Italy and is loved worldwide. It is indulgent because of its thick layer of foam and additional flavorings can be added as well. Served with 1-2 shots of espresso to 2 oz. of steamed milk plus 2 oz. of foamed milk and an optional sprinkling of chocolate powder in a 6-8 oz. Cappuccino Mug.
  • Flat White: This originates from New Zealand and Australia, and very similar to a Cappuccino, but lacks the foam layer and chocolate powder. Steamed milk is added onto the bottom instead of using frothed on the top. It is served with 1 shot of espresso to 4 oz. of steamed milk in a 6 oz. Glass Tumbler.
  • Café Latte: Is originally considered an introductory coffee drink because the acidity and bitterness of coffee are cut by the abundant amount of milk in the beverage. Flavoring syrups are often added into the latte for the sweet-tooth. It is served with 1 shot of espresso to 8-10 oz. of steamed milk plus 1/3 inch or a centimeter of foam in a 14 oz. Mixing Glass
  • Mocha: Mocha is considered a coffee and hot chocolate hybrid with chocolate powder or syrup to give it its rich and creamy flavor, cutting the acidity of the espresso. It is served with 1 shot of espresso to 1-2 oz. of chocolate syrup or powder to 1-3 oz. of steamed milk plus 2/3 to 1 inch or2-3 centimeters of foam and/or whipped cream in an 6-8 oz. Irish Coffee Mug.
  • Vienna: There are a few variations on the Vienna. The most common is made up of Espresso and whipped cream with the whipped cream taking the place of milk and sugar to provide a creamy texture. It is served with 1-2 shots of espresso to 2 oz. of whipped cream in a 4-5 oz. Espresso Mug.
  • Affogato: Affogatos are considered a dessert coffee more than a drink served at a cafe, being made by pouring a shot of espresso over a scoop of vanilla ice cream to a dessert treat. It is made with 1-2 shots of espresso to 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream, served up in a 5-7 oz. Dessert Dish.
  • Café au Lait: It is typically made with a French Press Coffee instead of an Espresso shot in order to bring out the different flavors of coffee. It is then paired with scalded milk instead of steamed milk and poured to a 50/50 ratio. It is served up with 5 oz. of French press coffee to 5 oz. of scalded milk and served in a 12 oz. Coffee Mug.
  • Iced Coffee: Iced coffees have become very popular in the summertime in the United States and abroad. The recipes have some variance, with some locations choosing to interchange milk with water in the recipe and often served with a stronger amount of coffee due to the fact that the drink will hit the ice often with flavoring syrups added to preference. Served with a 2 oz. drip coffee or espresso to 4 oz. of ice and 4-6 oz of milk or water plus flavoring syrup to preference into a 14 oz. Mixing Glass.

More Joe Trivia: 

  • Coffee drinking started in the Middle East
  • Coffee is enjoyed worldwide
  • America loves 💖 coffee
  • There is a Starbucks location in the CIA headquarters
  • Coffee was used in the past to punish prisoners
  • Coffee was used to assist Brazil into getting into the 1932 Olympics

How Many? The average American consumes approximately 146 billion cups of coffee every year, and that is about 2.2 cups per day, per person.
Flavors: Categories of coffee bean:

  1. Arabica (Coffee Arabica)
  2. Robusta (Coffee Caniphora)
  3. Liberica (Coffee Liberica)
  4. Excelsa (Coffee Liberica variance Dewevrei)

Caffeine Level has nothing to do with roast: It is typical to think that the darker the more caffeine. NOT!! In fact a Breakfast Blend is on the lighter side, and has way more caffeine than most dark roasts. Also, there are other roast in between to flavor thins up of Hazelnut, Pumpkin Spice and other wild varieties. Here is a list of the typical roasts available:

  • White Roast Coffee.
  • Light Roast.
  • Medium Roast.
  • Medium-Dark Roast.
  • Dark Roast.

U.S.: I am truly confident that in the U.S., the coffee trend will continue everywhere–on and on! We like the days celebrating coffee, anyway— ANY day. Coffee Cake makes it better.
Worldwide: The world loves COFFEE! the Coffee Cake too. How yummy. . .

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National Joe Day

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