National Chocolate Mint Candy Day!

It’s all so delicious! Chocolate mint candy makes the world go ’round! Yummy. . .

Happy Chocolate Mint Candy Day ! !

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A Brief History:
Origination: Today is National Chocolate Mint Candy Day, a day that celebrates both chocolate with mint, and candy. The day was named in order to celebrate the chocolate and the mint lover all in one and all day long.

More Recent Evolution: National Chocolate Mint Candy Day celebrates the origin of chocolate and also mint–or both. People celebrate every day with chocolate mint candy, and special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays and a great day, to go alongside. The origin of the combination doesn’t go back nearly to the Aztecan era, but rather only goes back into the 1940’s, so it is a later rendition of enjoyment of the combination.

More Recently: Chocolate mint candy has evolved into an industry that involves employment opportunities, the building of factories, holidays based off the industry, and a lot of sweet things! Unfortunately it does keep dentists in business as well, as because on the downside, the sugar is a direct decay factor to tooth enamel and also a breeding ground for bacteria that eventually causes plaque and makes the teeth come from the whiteness that teeth need to be considered “brilliant”.

Most Recently: Today, chocolate mint candy still presents its taste, and is still the very delicious dessert that it has always attained from back in the old days every year. Every year, seasonal variations such as Christmas versions of chocolate mint candy come out. More and more renditions and recipes have arisen in more recent years.

Celebrated: February 19th every year!

A Few Facts:
I am sharing a few facts, and more, some trivia, some not trivial. . .

The Evolution of Chocolate Mint Candy:

Chocolate Mint Candy History by Each Decade
York Peppermint Patty
M&Ms (available in mint)
Junior Mints
Andes Mints
DOVE Dark Chocolate Bar (available in mint)
DOVE Milk Chocolate Bar (available in mint)

The Present:
People all over the world, including the U.S. are enjoying their chocolate mint candy, every day!

The Future:
Let’s give thanks and enjoy chocolate mint candy this great year and in the years to come. . .

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Chocolate National Mint Candy Day

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