Rockfleet (The Pirate Queen Prequel)
by Jennifer Rose McMahon (Author)
5 Stars Amazon rating – 6 reviews.


A nice book, whereby the character, eighteen year old Maeve O’Malley is is always looking over once shoulder because of the fact that there is a stalker wreaking havoc on her whole life. Set in Ireland, Maeve tries connecting to the ancient past of its heritage, trying to tap into the ancestral past. The book goes on to dealing with warrior chieftains of British descent, and a pirate queen and fighting the good fight against the crown. Introduction to a love of her life stands in the way to a clear itinerary to pulling off the war, but she learns that unless she changes her course to preserve her ancestry she may not be there to save her clan from obliteration.

The question becomes, will she have what it takes to a warrior, or lose all? The question of the book…remains!

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