The Featured Christmas Flower Photo of the Day: Bouquet Montage

Here it is! “Christmas Flower of the Day” bouquets galore! A recap special with a montage of all the holiday bouquets–all on one post!! To let this year’s December holiday season shine bright, I have been featuring fine photos of flowers that are perfect for your Season’s Greetings, continuing to honor the brighter side of your holidays. Here is  montage photo presentation of all 16 sets! My thanks for joining and the Flower of the Day starts back up in a few weeks!

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Montage presentation “Christmas Bouquets”

Christmas Flower of the Day” recap special with a Montage of Bouquets Galore!!

This montage is included with all the Christmas events, with the 5 events featured:

Here is an extra easy to navigate recap photo montage! See you next year: December 1, 2023 for the beginning of another Christmas season!

See you all year in 2023 for more photo events:

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More Flower of the Day photos coming right up!
Feature photo: “Flower of the Day” ! ! !

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6 thoughts on “Featured Photos Bouquet Montage – Christmas Flower of the Day – 2022

  1. All so beautiful. This is the time of year – when all the flowers are gone – when I really appreciate seeing these photos. I think the Dec. 29th one, with the lilies is my favorite. Come on, spring!

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