The Hourly Featured Halloween Photos:
Has Gone Into  Hiatus  

The featured photos & bonus videos presentation of “Haunted Houses” has come to a grinding halt. Giveaway lives on!
Unfortunately, I have become injured, and don’t want to risk further injury to my wrist. Therefore it has become impossible to post the rest of this year’s “Haunted House” Photos. The remainder of the photos will start to post next year on October 1stpromptly at Midnight. The giveaway is intact, and will be given away accordingly! See you in December for the “25 Days of Christmas” + Facebook Party, and another great set of giveaways!

train accident train wreck_Lunapic.jpg

Photo courtesy of LunaPic

The 24Hours of Halloween!
24 Hours of Halloween 2022.gif


All Imagery in the Facebook Party was © 2022 Versatileer

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