Today’s featured photo of the day! The feature is: Architecture – The Skies of Chicago, Illinois – An  Aerial View

Here is today’s featured photo presentation of yet another presentation of the bird’s eye view from John Hancock Observatory close to sunset in a view of the area north to northwest from the building, prominently zoomed out to near the center of the intersection of where Lincoln Avenue spurs off from its beginning from Clark Avenue. Also in view is the famous Lincoln Park, which has quite a history of not only being such a great park with trails, but also houses the Lincoln Park Zoo. Also you can see almost over the Wisconsin border as you draw your eye into and out of Lake Michigan. As in all aerial photography, the higher that you go up vertically, the more mileage out on the horizon is exposed. On the ground, someone six feet tall can see any point on the ground until about three miles away, when inches tall start to disappear due to the Earth’s curvature. This is increased up to five miles simply due to the up and down of waves extending inches at certain times. Ships could start to be seen at about 12 miles away because of the added height of the ship. The John Hancock Observatory being about 1000 feet high projects one’s view of sight, on the ground to about 35 miles. Some Wisconsin buildings can be seen because of the profile of the buildings on Earth. What a view we can obtain by being up in the Observatory! This photo is about 5 minutes before sunset, and the lights of the city are in obvious view, as the whole city and state get ready for an awesome summer sunset. The photo was purposely taken on the underexposed side, so the sunset is somewhat washed out, but still sharply viewable, considering the haze of a summer afternoon. If the shot would have been taken by the indication of the meter fully, the streets and buildings in the foreground would have been not easily viewable, because they would have been underexposed if I had a shorter shutter speed., but about half the effect, so that the shot was not underexposed. It is really great architecture like the great North to Northwest Side of Chicago that makes it look like we are an eagle! The 1980’s bring back some unique history. Photo shots like this are exactly what make the City of Chicago a greatly luxurious and enchanting city–among the best of very great staples in the world, making the City of Chicago a great city of all it’s very own, and a great place to visit for getting ready for a relaxing summer sunset! Date – July 1981.
North-Northwest View From John Hancock Observatory__Where Lincoln Ave spurs from Clark Ave & Lincoln Park, Lake Michigan.pngPhoto taken with a Nikon FE camera through a Vivitar 70-150 zoom lens zoomed in at 75 mm, filter=Polarizer, Aperture=4 f/stop, shutter-speed 1/30 second, loaded with Konica Color Slide Film ISO (ASA) 100 (fine grain) processed with E-6 using Kodak Ektachrome Chemicals. Enlargement processed Type R color positive paper and R-3000 chemistry onto 3½x5″ glossy negative color image enlargement paper. Date – July 1981.

Another fine aerial view photograph to follow very soon in the feature of Part 4 – The Skies of Chicago, Illinois. It is going to be quite a month, so join me ALL November and extended to all of December to bring back to the nice spirit of summertime! 


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