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What Are Sweepstakes
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So, What Are Sweepstakes?

When you see promotions online and in stores, offering grand prizes in return for a simple entry submission or social media ‘follow’, you may wonder “So, What Are Sweepstakes?” and what is the catch? That’s what I’m here to answer for you today. Some people believe that entering sweepstakes equates to gambling, but that is completely untrue!

By law, sweepstakes must be open to the public and free to enter. You can always enter via an alternative method (AMOE) rather than by submitting a receipt or buying a product. Entering these sweepstakes is always free. If an entry form says it requires a purchase or receipt, check out the official rules and look for the words ‘AMOE’. All legitimate companies will provide you with an alternative to making any purchases.

So what is the catch? There is none!

Furthermore, sweepstakes come in all shapes and sizes. Sweepstakes are for everyone, no matter how big or small their prize may be. Maybe you’ll win a new set of kitchen utensils – or maybe a new car! The range for sweepstakes prizes is incredible. You can win just about anything!

The Terrific Trio: Sweepstakes, Giveaways, and Contests

It is common for promotions to be described using these three terms. Often, they are used interchangeably. There is no difference between sweepstakes and giveaways in general. In order to enter a sweepstake or giveaway, an individual must submit information. This is usually a submission form someone must fill out to gain an entry.

In contests, things can be a little different. Photo, artwork, or writing entries are usually required for contests. The winner is either selected by the public or selected by the sponsor. Clearly, entering a contest takes a little more dedication and commitment. However, not everyone wants to put in the time and effort. This smaller pool of entries gives you an advantage in winning! Give it a try sometime.

Where to Enter Quality Sweepstakes

You will find so many great sweepstakes, giveaways, and contests at Sweepstakes Advantage and Versatileer! Check out the many categories of available promotions and find out what inspires you. Some sweepstakes categories include one entry, instant win, daily entry, and social media! Each category has it’s own pros and cons. In time, you’ll figure out your preferences and get into a good rhythm.

So, go ahead and give them a look! You never know what you could win. Entering sweepstakes is a fun hobby that can have a lot of rewards. Be sure to let us know when you get your first win!


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