Today, March 12th World Day Against Cyber Censorship is celebrated every year to rally support for the unrestricted access to publishing on the internet including social media, in an attempt to make sure that the internet is accessible to all no matter what viewpoint they imply. The day also draws attention to the ways and means of which governments around the world censor free speech online.

The internet lets people around the world gain access to information, and place where can people can immediately get information on nearly any topic under the sun, at little or no cost. Most people who access to the internet take for granted accessing and/or posting on the worldwide web, blogs, forums, messaging, podcasts/commenting, social media and just plain commenting. The sad truth is that there are people who want to restrict the internet, making it impossible to exercise their freedom of speech over the internet. Compromise of these freedoms is detrimental to the free way of life, our finances, and can even effect your general health and well being, especially on a spiritual level.

The Growth of Suppression:
With each year, the issue grows and is becoming more of a major problem. The internet also is becoming a breeding ground for some lying and suppression of real news. According to Reporters Without Borders (launching the first World Day Against Cyber Censorship on March 12th, 2008), several digital predators of freedom have represented a danger for freedom of expression and also free opinion, as is written in article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which guarantees the right. Most recently an attempt to suppress has stemmed from the COVID-19 pandemic, with the mentions of the pandemic in a vast many ways, also of masks, masking, health issues, and more. Even medical doctors have had their notes and post suppressed with no just reasoning. Also the whole means of invention of the COVID-19 virus have been suppressed. Now even more recently, employers have been more and more expansive on induction of censorship against employees freedoms of expressions, when they are not even on the clock, sometimes for skeptical orr even unknown reasoning.

Digital Predators Are Known to Do the Following:

  • Harass people online
  • Censor information
  • Spread disinformation
  • Using the internet and device prying to spy

Some of These Digital Predators Include:

  • Modi’s Yoddhas in India
  • The Kremlin’s troll army in Russia
  • The Iranian Cyberspace Supreme Council
  • National Telecommunications Commission in Venezuela
  • Cyber Jihadist Unit in Sudan
  • Zerodium in the United States

The Worst Countries Controlling the Internet:

  • China
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Syria
  • Vietnam

Countries Under Surveillance Restricting the Internet:

  • Egypt
  • France
  • India
  • Russia
  • Thailand
  • Turkey

The Netizen Prize:
On this day, Reporters Without Borders awards the Netizen Prize, going to the internet user that has made the most notable contribution at defending online freedom of expression. Each year Reporters Without Borders updates its annual list, “Enemies of the Internet and Countries Under Surveillance”.

My Experience With Censorship:
I was locked up in both terms called “Facebook Jail” and “Twitter Jail”. The Twitter Jail incident included my entry on a giveaway whereby extra entries included posting from a widget several tweets whereby they were giving away a Kindle Fire and the I was notified by Twitter that my account would be locked up for thirty days due to violated Terms of Service. The “Facebook Jail” incident happened during the President Trump era whereby I posted this photo:

Facebook Jail 10-28-2020.jpg

The “Facebook Jail” photo after censorship, after suspension.

Censored Section - Facebook Jail 10-28-2020.jpg

The censored section of the “Facebook Jail” photo that is eclipsed by the banner.

I pixelated the photos to keep politics off of my blog, as this is completely a demonstration of why censorship is toxic. I literally had to get the top photo off of another person’s account, so that be it known they did not take the photo down before suspending my account. By the time after elections were over, and service was restored the post was long gone. Again, just like Twitter, I was notified that my account would be locked up for an undisclosed time period due to violated Terms of Service, which turned into 22 days. The explanation of the TOS that was violated were described as follows: The photo posted was fact-checked and that the photo was deemed with “dishonesty” and “disrespect”. Notice also the date being October 28, 2020’s proximity to an election. The fact is, the photo ended up not lying, and my attempt was to make sure that we economically as a country were not compromised. The photo was not lying even back in that day. Now, as you can see, my post was going to be absolutely correct and now all Americans must pay the price in extra gas price, which is worse than the government not passing extra tax. Politics are not allowed on my blog, but since these issues have gone way beyond politics, it is now a complete economic and social issue. All of this punishment to the American economy is due to a few brash and outlandish Tweets by a former President. Now an induction towards censorship is poised and threatens the fellow American, every day. All of this has been made more possible due to the fact that censorship is acceptable by social media platforms. Now you can see why there is no good side to censorship.

What you can do to participate:

  • Rendering importance of having access to an unrestricted internet.
  • Discuss why some countries, governments, and organizations try to control the internet either socially, in group discussions, or on forums.

Importance of Freedom:
Now you can see why it is so important to not have censorship. I just heard someone enter Facebook Jail due to posting about a 30,000 year old statue called Neptune. Meanwhile there are people posting some really lewd content about. . .

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internet-writing-technology-computer-5198198 censorship_1647148873.jpeg Markus Winkler at Pexels

Markus Winkler at Pexels

World Day Against Cyber Censorship

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