Featured photos of the day: Architecture – The Skies of Chicago, Illinois

Here it is! I had been featuring fine photos of the great architecture in the skies of Chicago, Illinois, in an aerial view of the city–in order to let the fall and winter months shine. It has been so great bringing all four parts of this architecture photo segment to you, featuring fine photos of the architecture in differing stances. Recouping the whole series, it was divided into four parts, and this segment Part 4 – The Skies of Chicago, Illinois (An Aerial View). I will honoring the brighter side of life, and coming up in a few months, I will resume with a Part 5, and a great theme–date To Be Announced! Meanwhile, I wrap up the whole Part 4 featuring the beauty of the “The Skies of Chicago, Illinois”, an An Aerial View of Architecture and feature a bonus photo montage of all the posts, all on one post!

The Skies of Chicago, Illinois (An Aerial View)

I would like to thank you for joining me for the whole series of “The Featured Architecture Series”– Parts 1 to 4. Throughout this series, I have featured: Part 1 – Churches, Part 2 – Vintage Architecture, Part 3 – The Buildings of Chicago, Illinois, and this segment Part 4 – The Skies of Chicago, Illinois (An Aerial View). Ending this is a montage of the whole series feature of Part 4. Due to popular demand, there will be a future architecture series coming very soon, in order to continue to bring back to the nice spirit of celebrating great and fine architecture! Another theme due to start very soon, and premiering this week is a near monthly segment whereby will feature a photo shoot of great architecture, inside and out. Also, “Winter Photos” start next week. Continuing throughout the year are “Flower of the Day” – bright and beautiful segment featuring flowers every few days like last year start in spring going to the fall season, seasonal photo shoots throughout the major holiday seasons, Part 5 of the “Architecture Series” near summer, and “Fall Color” photos near the fall season. More will be revealed very soon! Thank you very much for following my segment of fine architecture, and for your loyal following. I bring all these segments to brighten your day, with hope to continue to make the year of 2022 shine real bright, and give finesse to a great year!

Architecture – The Skies of Chicago, Illinois__Part 4.jpg


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