Happy New Year!!!


Goodbye 2021. . .Hello 2022!
To a Happy New Year! BE SAFE!
Wishing a safe holiday to all.

A Brief History:
Founded By: Many folklore stories.

Why: The Celebration!

Where: This is a worldwide event.

When: Near the hours before and after midnight spanning the globe.

Alternatives to High Amounts of Drinking: A lot of people think that the event cannot be celebrated without alcohol. It can, and indeed can be done not only successfully, but with a lot of fun involved. It is easier to have a good time when you don’t need the physical attribute of having to have chemicals other than ones that the body already makes naturally.

Is it Easier to Get a Ticket or Pulled Over on New Year’s Eve? Originally, it was much easier to get pulled over just because it was the end of any month, because folklore states that police needed to obtain a certain quota, and the month was at the end. Then you have obviously way more people partying on one day in order celebrate the holiday of New Year’s Eve, to usher in the New Year with a bang. But then also, there are holiday safety checkpoints specifically geared up to see if drivers have had too much fun celebrating to operate a vehicle.

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One of Four Dates Each Year with Levels of High Amounts of Drinking &  Exercise Care: Everyone needs to exercise care, as safety is of upmost concern, as drinking more than which is safe is always a danger, not only to yourself, but others. Counting drinks can become a blur as impairment starts at the onset. Always designate a driver that does not participate in the drinking, have a cab or Uber on stand-by, or walk if in condition to, or do anything possible to make sure that you do not drive or operate any machinery, including riding a bicycle–if you are drinking tonight, over these holidays or any day or night. It doesn’t take much! Each 12 ounce beer, 8 ounce glass of wine, or 1-1/2 ounce shot of 80 proof liquor is considered one drink. More than two drinks regularly poured (not a bartender’s long-pour) consumed in a one hour period are too much, as for each drink consumed adds up to .03 Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), and .08 BAC is the limit in most states and municipalities between getting a DUI. Also weight can determine being impaired, but the results of the breathalyzer are constant. Bartenders who practice longpouring do not do a service to persons counting drinks, and also violate several civil laws including BASSET Alcohol Training certification, because if they are to long pour drinks–the people consuming drinks cannot be able to meter their drinking. Drinking fades over a period of time at a constant rate of exactly .03 BAC per hour. So if you have three drinks and wait an hour, you could pass a breathalyzer. Keep in mind that an accident while drinking, even if you are not over the limit of a DUI can have a devastating effect on your liability and whether or not your insurance could be affected. By the time you make it to finishing the third drink in a short period of time, you can be over the limit. Also keep in mind that if you have a CDL classification or drive a school bus for a living, that USDOT requires that your license requirements that the breathalyzer limit is at a rate of one half the amount, even in off hours or while not driving a truck. In Illinois, where I live, that limit for a DUI being a CDL is .04. The amount could vary state by state, but the idea is the same. That means more than one drink could be a problem. Tolerance is all cases are never an asset, because it is only great for disguising the fact that you may be over the limit. When it comes to passing a breathalyzer, it is not an art of passing, but a science. You will not be able to alter the results if you have had too much to drink. So be very careful this holiday season while having a few drink or more. . .

A Few Facts:
If you receive a DUI, It can cost, and cost very dearly. . .
The Cost of Getting A DUI:
Any Day is a Bad Day to Be Impaired:  The cost can be really large if you get caught impaired and receive a DUI. It is even worse if you get in an accident, hurt someone including yourself or others, or kill someone including yourself. Make sure if you are going to have a cocktail, that you are very careful. There are always a lot of incontestable road safety checks over the holidays, and it doesn’t take too much to be in trouble. The average first DUI over $10,000 these days, not to mention the safety factor, it really isn’t worth it to chance it. If you have already had a DUI and continue out over the holiday and get caught:

  • The costs of the fines alone could cost as much as $25,000
  • The towing fees and/or impound fines
  • A defense attorney
  • Probation or parole
  • Higher insurance premiums
  • Possible cost of obtaining SR-22 risk insurance premiums
  • In-patient or out-patient counseling as directed from court imposed mandate
  • Alcohol and drug assessment
  • Reinstatement fees and/or lawyer’s fees in association with getting a restricted driving permit
  • The secretary of state’s request for you to be in the risk group that is required to do the written test and the driver’s tests on a timed basis in order to renew your license or restricted permit.
  • Having to have a BAIID device– or a portable breathalyzer installed in your car in order to be able to start the car, which incurs monthly charges with a company that installs such equipment. . .plus yearly charges for the state that you received the DUI in to monitor the use of your car starts and rolling checkpoints.
  • Only being able to drive a vehicle with the BAIID machine installed.
  • Not being able to drive for a company in their company vehicle, or to have a job like Uber, where driving is part of the “work”. You must always have the route you are driving cleared with the secretary of state, and ON THE PERMIT explicitly–in order to be permitted to drive, in all cases!
  • Renewal of such restricted permits for the whole period of time until your license is eligible for reinstatement, or the penalty period– on a yearly or bi-yearly time frame.

The Future Can Be  a Great one:
Your freedom and privilege to drive is on the line. It certainly is just not worth and the chance to injure and/or kill yourself, or another person. It is just not worth it. Also, make sure to pay special attention to any new marijuana laws, as it isn’t worth getting in trouble because of ignorance of knowledge of any new laws, as it is NOT legal in any state to smoke while driving around in the car. The best gift of all is to make it through the all the holidays, including Blackout Wednesday or any day without trouble. Remember, managing drinking and/or using drugs can be very costly and dangerous!

Best Suggestion:
Always be careful!

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Happy New Year!!!

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