All Halloween Photos – in One Montage!

Here it is!!  All on one page! All 48 posts of different “Haunted Houses” from this October. Over the course of this extra special super spooky Versatileer event, I featured:

  • 4 Facebook Parties
  • 3 sections of posts:
    1. “13 Days of Halloween”
    2. “24 Hours of Halloween”
    3. “Final Hour of Halloween”

So to warp up the occasion, the photos are easy to navigate in this photo montage. Thanks for joining, and join me again next year for more spooky “Haunted Houses”, and for my upcoming extra special “Dressed Up Christmas Decorations” Event coming in December!

Halloween Photos 2021!

The Winning Photo of  48   Halloween Sets!


The Facebook Parties

Halloween 2021 Montage.jpg


© 2021 Versatileer

6 thoughts on “Featured Photo Montage of Halloween – 2021

  1. This is an awesome photo montage! You got some great photos of some really cool and scary Halloween set ups! Thank you so much for sharing.

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