Happy National All Or Nothing Day!!!

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Today. July 26th! National All Or Nothing Day. . .

A Brief History on All Or Nothing:
Day Founded By: The origination and history of the National All or Nothing Day remains anonymous.

Why: Celebrating the creating and motivating people to do the things without procrastination and/or fear and any hesitation.

Where: The U.S. (And “maybe” all around the world).

Reasoning: All or Nothing Day believes in the adage that most of people are safe players and fear to take risk, so this day gives a nudge to make them try the most adventurous things of their life.

Purpose: Life is short! That is why it’s so important for everyone to go after their dreams. The day makes sure that you make sure you that you give your long-lasted wish a shot–success or failure, TODAY.

A Few Facts:
I am sharing a few facts, and more, some trivia, some not trivial. . .
More All or Nothing Tales:
Goals Attained To Meet or Greet Your “All or Nothing”:

  • Making a decision.
  • Take the next step.
  • Let family know about your determination of making changes.
  • Let friends know about your determination of meeting goals.
  • Let clientele know about your determination of attaining their complete satisfaction.

Where in the World is “All or Nothing Day” Celebrated: 

  1. United States
  2. More? Maybe??

Other Similar Days:
In the U.S.:

  1. National Nothing Day: Coming on January 16th
  2. Every day of the year is the day to get it done! NO more procrastinating. . .

The Future:
Get it done today!!!

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All or Nothing

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Happy National All Or Nothing Day!!!

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