UPDATE: COVID-19 Status and Goalpost Marker Changed once again:
The article below has outdated information: As much as I do not like to be the bearer of bad news, the law is changing as of 8/30/21:
Mandatory masks, even if vaccinated!

This is IT!!

Tomorrow is the day in Illinois! The day that our State of Illinois’ Phase 5 begins. . .The closest phase to pre-COVID-19 restrictions. We are entering a new era at midnight tonight in our state. It is recommended by our state, and the CDC Guideline: When You’ve Been Fully Vaccinated call for you to still wear a mask if you have not been vaccinated. More states have followed the same structure, and many more will follow very soon. Enjoy. . .And use common sense–Wear a mask if you:

  • Feel fever symptoms or a temperature
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Chills
  • Body aches for unknown reasons
  • Shortness of breath for unknown reasons
  • Loss of smell
  • Loss of taste
  • Feel under the weather
  • Wear a Mask if You!

Otherwise, if you are now vaccinated, resume normal activity and put away the masks as the CDC recommends. The trauma that COVID-19 has caused will take years to resolve. . .A lot of therapy, ailing and the longer we wait to resume normalcy–the longer we delay our recovery in the post COVID-19 era. Therefore, in the coming weeks, I am starting a new segment of wellness articles: Living & Recovery In The Post-COVID-19 Pandemic Era–Due to start very, very soon. We owe it to ourselves, after all–WE MADE IT! Through with the COVID-19 Era! Hip-hip hooray!

A COVID-19 Alert:

In the name of life and freedom: Get Your Vaccination or Wear a Mask! OR

Pay Attention to all symptoms! Get The Vaccine, -or- Continue Masking!!

This article is provided as advice on a non-medicinal level. Always consult with your primary care first before asserting any level of advice. If you are in any urgent need of care, always consult with a physician. If you have an emergency, never rely on advice, call 9-11 or go to the nearest emergency room for proper care.

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Get The Vaccine, -or- Continue Masking!!

8 thoughts on “End of an Era – COVID-19: The US and States Continue To Sway Normalcy

  1. But sad to say it is not over! With this delta covid even with the shots you could catch it. It would not be as bad but you can get it. So when i am out and in stores I wear a mask just for extra protection

  2. I am very happy that we made it to phase 5!!! To be honest though, it’s going to take me minute before everything feels normal again. Now it’s weird not wearing a mask. Lol.

  3. A return to normalcy is wonderful. May I give you some constructive criticism, your blog background is very bright and busy and makes reading your pages difficult. Thanks and good health to you!

  4. As much as we all just want things back to normal, it’s crazy how long it is taking! This is such a controversial topic now, as it has become such a divider. I am more than ok with whatever anyone is comfortable with doing, as long as they are happy and feel safe.

  5. Woohoo! Im so happy you will get to return to normalcy soon! There is so much I could say that relates to this post but I don’t want this comment to be super duper long. I never thought that I would be living through a pandemic. After watching movies or TV shows that involved pandemics or something of that nature..I always told myself that there is no way the world would let something that serious happen with the modern medicine and doctors that we have today. Now that I saw firsthand how that all played out..its a little unsettling to say the least.
    I am just so grateful that it will be over soon. We only have one life and we all need to live ours!! I hope everyone is well and feeling happiness in their life!

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