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Former Hurricane Zeta, now post-tropical, has moved inland very fast, already over the Atlantic coast, only in 23 hours! It is centered about 25 miles west-southwest of Cape May, New Jersey, and continues to weaken into a post-tropical state with all warnings and watches subsiding to advisories. Tropical activities this time of the calendar year gets pummeled into the stronger westerlies which shears the storm apart and carries them eastward very fast. Still, do not venture out into flooded waters leftover where you cannot see the bottom of the water, due to the fact that sharp objects can be floating or worse yet, missing manhole covers. I am wishing everyone much luck in a fast and successful assessment to damages and re-build. This has been a record tie year of storms, hopefully at the final end. We are just less than five weeks until the official end of the hurricane season, so be on the lookout, and I will keep you posted and informed at the beginning stage of any such future activity. A collage photo of Zeta on .GIF to follow as soon as it is complete. I have posted a .GIF collage of Hurricane Epsilon this morning, which hit Bermuda and went east less than a week ago, sparing the U.S. on it’s track.

More technical information as provided by – Tropical Weather Systems.

Current tropical activity report directly from the NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center:

↓ At 3:00 pm ↓

Atlantic Tropical Report: Former Hurricane Zeta has moved over the inland U.S. crossing all the way from the Gulf to the Atlantic in less than a day’s time. Another disturbance approaching the Caribbean. I will keep you informed if any urgent or dangerous activity develops.

Zeta: Check out for your local listings here: Nationwide Station Listing Using Broadcast Frequencies. Have a hurricane plan in action or visit Please adhere to safety measures and stay out of the way of danger! This storm was a category 2 at strongest, and moved very fast to the northeast. Still do not venture out into flooded waters where you cannot see the bottom of the water, due to the fact that sharp objects can be floating or worse yet, missing manhole covers. I’m wishing a quick recovery and re-build. Current and all future reports will be as usual posting at the NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center:


There are no coastal watches or warnings in effect.

A few strong gusts are still possible across portions of extreme eastern North Carolina, southeastern Virginia, and the southern Delmarva Peninsula during the next couple of hours.

The last of the heavy rainfall along the track of Zeta will impact the Mid-Atlantic through this evening. Additional rainfall totals of an inch or less are expected across these areas, possibly resulting in flash, urban, small stream, and isolated minor river flooding.

At 5 p.m. EDT, the center of Post-Tropical Cyclone Zeta was located along the U.S. coastline about 25 miles (35 km) west-southwest of Cape May, New Jersey. Zeta is moving toward the east-northeast near 55 mph (89 km/h), and this general motion is expected to continue through tonight. On the forecast track, the center of Zeta will emerge over the western Atlantic this evening.

Maximum sustained winds are near 50 mph (85 km/h) with higher gusts. Tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 310 miles (500 km) mainly to the southeast of the center. A sustained wind of 39 mph (63 km/h) and a gust to 46 mph (74 km/h) were recently reported at Ocean City, Maryland. Some strengthening is forecast tonight, but the cyclone should become absorbed by a frontal system on Friday.

This is the last public advisory issued by the National Hurricane Center on this system. Additional information on this system can be found in High Seas Forecasts issued by the National Weather Service at


Other Tropical Systems: Another disturbance east of the Lesser Antilles islands. Visit


La Niña is officially declared as the cause of such the active record-matching hurricane season this year, with names at letter “F” in the Greek alphabet. The Atlantic season has tied the year of 2005 at this point in its very active season, considering it started off so quietly and with dust plumes in June and July. Check out the Wikipedia caption: Atlantic hurricane season

My apologies: I was unable to sit for any extended period of time due to a knee effusion, of which I am getting orthopedic care. I really intended on having far more posts of Hurricane Zeta, but the timing wasn’t the best and there were some typo’s, but I did my best to bring it on, ALL for you!

Sharing safety measures from my previous 2018 blog post: Tips For Playing it Safe During a Hurricane: Here Comes Florence!





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