I wish everyone a happy and safe Columbus Day. The saddest truth to the holiday is that all the parades are cancelled, not just due to COVID-19, but due to an opposite negative effect as was attained in getting people together in a harmonious style of unity. Also with statues being desecrated and/or hidden away either temporarily or permanently, it is very easy for the future of this country to enjoy the heritage this country is bounded by and no person has the right to remember ones passed. Imagine if your kin folks’ tombstone having to be removed! Do you honestly think that you would forget…Even though it is long ago, it is not the point! Also, Columbus is not around to answer any of our current issues–and the Golden Rule in plenty of areas of anyone’s Higher Power state that it would not be fair to judge the late. Also the statues represented a lot of people with different values, so to take away and slap a “forget me” on any person, place or thing does not answer the issue that is underlying. Our issues, be it COVID-19 rationalization/justification, plus issues dealing with any actions not leading to unity, tear us down as fellow Americans, and do not treat the underlying issues. You cannot change the past, and trying to just say “Forget About It” never works. Many university reports on social studies will support my honest opinion as stated here. I wish everyone the best holiday today as possible, and hope someday soon, we can all participate again in another “Hands Across America” to be the demonstration of all demonstrations, as originally portrayed by the creator himself, Ken Kragen. I participated on May 25, 1986–and I felt really good about the unification presented to me and the whole country on that day! I think that if we could get together in such a project in these days, as soon as COVID-19 laxes up on its relentless hold on us, that it would be able to lax up as well on some of the violence to stop the violence. God Bless America!!

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God Bless America!!

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