This is a reflection of an extra special remembrance to all Americans on that day of 9/11.

Now a special remembrance for those who lost loved ones on that day.

Everything changed dramatically on that day, a lot of people lost their lives, a lot of injuries and damages beyond explanation. To mark haven, I offer  a node of silence, in order to remember a nation preparing for a day of solemn reflection and remembrance, and paying tribute…..


ᅠ­­­ᅠ…..Praying for everyone touched by the disaster, and ask everyone to remember where they were that day. I pray to God to bless the whole world, this country, the sites of disaster including New York City, the people, the families–for even though things changed, we must remember them! I also pray for the country, New York, my friends who are still in New York now for this disaster of COVID-19.

God Bless America, land of the free, home of the brave!

This year, I am not sharing a nice photo of a great city, the city of New York, because the city is in too much despair to do so. I live near Chicago, and I was going to share my great photo collection of Chicago with the world, but my heart is absolutely broken, and therefore cannot. I cannot go downtown Chicago and take photos of the beauty of this city of Chicago, because of fear of my safety. People like me, do not go there and spend money while we go downtown to cities like this. The method and way that these politicians. especially the Democrats, how they are unilaterally ruining our country way over and above what would be considered prudent and just. I don’t see the problems happening like in these cities in states that are like Florida and South Dakota. This is why I decided to continue sharing great photos of the great State of Florida this summer. Because it was in taste and agreed with my values. It was not a random decision, but for a reason. Also NASA is up and running, a very important decision that was practically stopped by the Democrats. We NEED to be on top of the world when it comes to being in outer space, for security. How despicable. How dare these persons in charge abuse their power to the point where given this COVID-19 disaster be a tool and weapon for political leverage. My heart was broken when I seen the New York billionaires lined up with moving trucks. Moving out of the state, mostly to Florida, in order to get the freedom our flag stands for. I’m warning, they are moving with reason. They are not coming back! They are taking their billions of dollars with them. Out of New York (and Chicago) banks. They are NOT going to come back. Ever!! Keeping the schools closed until Election Day is not a credible and just answer. The way that these politicians are handling this disaster is absolutely and positively disastrous, and has nothing to do with the disease. No wonder people are demonstrating! It is you, the politicians. When people can’t walk the streets, you CANNOT handle this without the National Guard! You treat our country’s military without dignity and the respect they deserve. Our forefathers came up with the simple solution like this to take care of the security of our country. These persons who serve are meddled people who the mayors and governors of certain states are selecting to not use the services of, and are treating them almost like they are thugs–and think that they can handle this themselves. And why? The House members, governors and mayors, especially Nancy, should be ashamed of yourselves, to have constituents like me call you out on this, like this. You are very unprofessional and are ruining our country. People don’t need to worry about going down streets with NO security whatsoever, because states and cities THINK that they can handle this. There ought to be an amendment put on the constitution guaranteeing constituent’s safety–federally, so this NEVER happens again!!!! We should not have to rely on the federal government to make an amendment for state governments to do their job to make sure that the security of the country is not breached. The state and city governments were already getting paid a handsome sum of money to do a job that they obviously cannot handle, so therefore this has become a federal issue. But unfortunately, our House of Representatives and others can’t do the job they are being paid handsomely for. They are insuring everything is going to be ruined for our great country, and they are going to blame everyone but themselves! I have seen more Unity in 9-11, earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes combined than the handling of this political disaster. People are losing their lives, livelihoods, land, houses, and the like. They are going bankrupt. People want to go back to work! My starting cleaning business has still have yet to make a dollar. The people in the State of Indiana are laughing as people from Illinois are moving out of this state like cockroaches after the lights go on. It is sickening. It has to stop!! And not because of an election. There will be a day you have to access the damages that were political noose has put on the country. The damage from 9-11 took about five or ten years to get around. I cannot believe that I of all persons, as quiet as I usually am, have to go on with this editorial of how much pain you have inflicted on everyone. You have hurt the American public and it shows internationally as well!  This damage of COVID-19, because of the way this is being handled, is going to take GENERATIONS, not decades, to fix–and it is not because of the virus. The way certain media companies are handling this, especially CNN is deplorable, and the reporters should go back to school and get reeducated as to how government is supposed to work! They did a fine job back in the days of the War in the Gulf, but nowadays the reporters act immature and VERY unprofessional, thinking that American should be living in fear–after the comments about America on a book coming out today! I have one question to ask–Is the price of winning an election really worth THAT much?!?

There is a lot of blaming going on right now. Politicians should know better than anyone how government works and sometimes question the validity of their knowledge of law in general, and they take an oath to get in there. So from now until election, I am sharing a series of government functions, what each section, Federal, State–Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of each to give some insight of government. It is not fair to be blaming the wrong people when something in government is not going right.

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