A moment of silence for the remembrance of everyone who remembered the day…
The day this happened, I was due to go to work doing a tile installation for a client who worked for the Illinois Department of Transportation. He went out on that emergency. I knew it was a real bad storm because even though I was over 25 miles from the strike zone, all the emergency sirens sounded and I heard from my client and he called when he was on the way there, and told me he was going to trust my company and left a key to get in. We finished the job, because he was gone for almost a whole week assisting FEMA with operations and life sustaining operations. Bless the all the volunteers, workers, emergency personnel that assisted in making sure as many injured persons were getting the care to help them live again. Thank God we made it through that horrible day!!

I had the opportunity to meet Tom Skilling personally in 2007 while attending the annual WGN/Fermilab Storm and Severe Weather Seminar. The seminar is a must attend for anyone into weather. Just attending it one time could be the difference between life and death in a storm situation. Thank you Tom, your expertise is always gladly needed, because you are so careful when you put together your daily forecasts.

UPDATE 2/2/22: I would like to give my thanks to Clayton t gillaspy (see comment below). This is a great example of why I switched my internet searches from Google. Today (2/2/22) I did the same google search for the Plainfield tornado, and came up with the more erroneous photos including the above photo, which ironically enough is a free share photo on social media from a Boston tornado in 1937 (I found an article that featured the same photo) but the Google search has the photo come up seven times. Shame on Google for not providing #RealNews because this was not that hard. My sources also state that Clayton is exactly right, there are no photos of the monster 1990 Plainfield tornado available online. My sources are so accurate these days, I would have never let that slip, and my apologies, because I like to keep thing real.

I am sharing my re-posting of my safety tips during any tornado, as tornadoes can happen any time, any day, even out of season…
Sharing safety measures from my previous 2018 blog post: Tornado Season: Be Prepared!




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    • I stand corrected, and I inserted an UPDATE above, the photo erroneously shows up on Google searches. My sources pointed that the photo is from a tornado that happened in 1937. Thanks, because I like to keep the articles with #RealNews

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