There is always a chance that you could be the next victim of a crime that can really break your bank and/or put the brakes on good or fair living. If you are a victim the losses can be a few hundred or of several thousands of dollars. I unfortunately have really bad news on the alleged fraudster on Twitter that was shut down. before he was shut down, I learned and shared on a Facebook post in March from KMOV-TV that a 91-year old lady had been bilked by the same clan of persons who were targeting me because the timing the phone number list that the persons were using and modus operandi were exact, and exact to my January blogpost: The Great PCH Scam…Beware!!. Before their Twitter post was removed, they operated more than one way: I seen at least one other method they were operating before they were taken down. In the interim, they got away with $250,000 of loot–her retirement she worked hard and long for all her life! Always make sure that you never think there is an easy way for money to come your way. Never, I mean NEVER, pay fees for a win!!

A New Fraud Situation of Check Fraud:Fraudulent Check__JACOBS & CRUMPLARP P A__20200528_122654

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is easing a bit, schemers are more desperate than ever to try to reach into your bank account. I was presented to a situation that happened whereby a fraudulent check was mailed to a friend. Whenever you receive a check that is not expected asking for you to do certain things in order to cash or deposit a check that you just know is not due to you in any way, you probably are getting set up to be taken! Don’t go to being cleaned out! I am sharing a copy of this check, and if you have received a similar check, be certain not to cash it! The company it is from was aware that there was a problem and had since changed their bank due to the circumstances. The company’s address was correct, and due to the newsworthiness of this situation I choose to publish this for the public to see, so that if anyone has a hold of one of these checks, that they do not follow the instructions of the perpetrator or try to deposit the check. The bank was an existing bank, and the address for the bank was valid. The stock and paper were of superior quality, even in the sunlight. But there are two things that stand out immediately, whereby you can immediately know that the check is a fraud:

Check number is NEVER on the left                 Routing number here is in consecutive orderFraudulent Check__Routing Number

Normal sequence on a check is ALWAYS as follows:
ROUTING NUMBER                           ACCOUNT NUMBER                                 CHECK NUMBER

Make sure to look for the warning signs of being contacted for someone trying to “hook” you up with disclosed OR undisclosed amounts of money, ways and means to front stimulus payments, or freebies:

  • Requiring upfront fees or processing costs, especially if the interest in having gift cards bought to cover them. NEVER pay anyone, any company or service for services rendered except those that YOU feel comfortable in paying. Don’t have a merchant ever change your method of preferred payment. If you pay in cash, never let the cash transfer hands until you have a written receipt in your hands AND services and/or goods are in your hands.
  • Your friends and followers are responding to you, supposedly via Facebook, Twitter or other social media, while meanwhile their accounts have been hacked into. Then the perpetrators act like they are them, direct message, Tweet, or somehow get in touch with you–and lure you into a situation whereby you are trusting and not on the defense, thereby leaving yourself open to a chance at a loss. The person trying to get into your bank account will use you as a tool to get there. Telling you that you have to go on a myriad of avenues, be it texting here calling here, etc. They often will tell you to trust in them, that they are not going to hurt you or your faily, to try to develop a trust.
  • Telling you that you are a qualifier for a grant. There is a lot of trickery going on now with promised grants. Some of the companies I have encountered more recently are:
    • Lions Club International Foundation
    • Bill Foundation OR Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    • Donnie Robinson (was a drag racer)
    • Any company, charity or foundation whereby you are being hooked up for modest fees

Unfortunately, people are always lurking, waiting to try to get their hands on things that just don’t belong to them. If their efforts were shifted to positive influences, they could amount to something constructive. Instead these criminals continue to try to snatch property, money or anything that is not earned. The motivation is shadowed by a world of “worldly” needs, most of the time not needed for the existence of human-kind. A wild world of use of drugs, gambling and other “late-night” style of life and bad attitudes.

I am giving information like this to my following because I care about each and every follower, and hope that nobody reading this ever gets taken. I have had my identity stolen, so I know just how it feels. Not only do these alleged fraudsters rob us of our money, once an incident happens you are automatically robbed of your time, a lot of time. I go out of my way to get to know these people more than I recommend anyone else do, because I try to find the techniques of the alleged fraudster. I recommend that you do not engage ANY business with someone you feel may be up to no good.


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