A new tool to assist against Robo-Calls and get the “Do Not Call” Registry working again!

It has come to my attention and a lot of others that Robocalls are making a difference in the lifestyle of life for a lot, and also costing real money to all citizens, invading our privacy, losing real important calls thereby making for a dangerous situation for everyone in the United States! I on two occasions missed both an emergency call and an important business call because my telephone line was consumed with a ringing telephone by a robot calling my line exactly when the phone would have rang with the emergency call and the business call so that those important calls went right to voicemail because my phone was busy ringing with a useless invasion of my privacy. It is time to take back our right to silencing the robots. I am all for having the people running companies that use this technology scrupulously put behind bars where they belong. How dare they think that it is okay to call millions of people a day. They don’t send a million robots to everyone’s door…So why do they think it is okay to use the phones as a tool to invade our privacy?!? The legislative branches of our government really need to do the same thing that was a 90s menace when 900 numbers and 976 services were outlawed and turn these companies in when they pierce our privacy. Our phones belong to us, not them. I went on Google right now and the following came up…

robocall example

What we need to do is contact all of our Representatives in the House of Representatives and Senators to voice our opinion that we need to get the “Pallone’s (NJ) bill” H.R.946, Stopping Bad Robocalls Act and “Thune’s (SD) bill” S.151, TRACED Act passed and put into law, so that both persons and businesses can have some peace and quiet, improve security, and also improve our ability to communicate and even improve our quality of life. I am absolutely positive someone has had a life threatening situation happen a the same time these robocalls are coming in if it happened to me. It is time to take back our right to not have our privacy constantly bombarded with these nuisance calls. After it becomes law, I am hoping that congress will start going after business such as in the example. I purposely did not block out the number because if everyone has a right to know an example of who these companies are who are invading our privacy, and it was publicly approved to be there anyway, so…

In the coming months, I am opening up my blog twice weekly, to post new numbers that call me more than once time from the same number, whereby indicating that they are not spoofing a one-time use spoofed call. There is no point posting those numbers because the numbers are only used one time. I will be posting the latest numbers that call me over one time from the same number using a robot. I urge people to respond via message, adding your numbers at the bottom of my semi-weekly posts. So it is starting by Wednesday, with a great new addition to aid and assist persons and businesses with the information we need to know about a status call on the whole issue of these important issues of the erosion of the “Do Not Call Registry”.


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