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We love to enter those sweepstakes and giveaways. When we win, we are so elated!

Here are my best tips and pointers on entering sweepstakes and giveaways. Whatever you do, don’t expect to win overnight.With those entries win is imminent, as the numbers go into your favor. Bitterness is the evil to all sweepers.

  • Share, tweet, pin for those extra entries. Pay attention to others’ shares to scout for new entries to new giveaways.
  • Follow, subscribe, like and friend as deems necessary, until you hit limits, and then maintain those social accounts regularly.
  • Be considerate the others as you like others to be considerate to you. Congratulate others as well and be cheerful. We are in this together, and our support for one another grows.
  • Stay away from fellow followers who you know or suspect that enter giveaways who do not follow rules. People who don’t follow rules are some of the reason that you win less, essentially “stealing” entries! Be honest, be considerate. Following these types cause promotion. Banning these scrupulous persons makes it harder for them to operate.
  • Use form fillers to avoid wrist problems.
  • Go through your email everyday to look to see if you are a winner.Favor certain emails from bloggers especially weekly Linkies especially dated ones and go over them regularly.
  • I recommend bookmarking certain Keywords in your email to narrow searches and also ways and means to refine you searches globally to look in the whole areas at one time in order to have hidden stuff not “hide” in the spam folder.
  • Save important emails and archive collected emails. Delete the rest, especially annoying and unneeded emails.
  • Immediately delete any and all emails the display languages of unneeded underscores, dashes, capitalization and intentional misspells.
  • Make sure you read the rules to the giveaway, and adhere to them. If you do not have time to read them, use common sense.
  • Don’t attempt an entry if you know that the giveaway is expired.
  • See if the giveaways are daily, 24 hour or one-time entry and play by the rules.
  • Bookmark all sites you deem a daily entry. Delete old bookmarks promptly.
  • Make sure you pay attention to deadlines and watch that clock!
  • Set alarms on time sensitive material, especially radio or media giveaways.
  • Pay attention to collection, as I have lost due to not responding in a timely matter, and running up on collection after winning.
  • Make sure you pay attention to details and if it is necessary you need to do testimonials and winners photos.
  • Do NOT get involved in any sweepstakes that involves any type of participation. If it isn’t FREE, forget about it. There are tens of thousands of giveaways going on any one day.
  • Make sure that you do realize that you ARE totally responsible for any taxes due on a winning–ALL the time! You definitely don’t want to risk being audited by the IRS!!

What to avoid in order to not get disqualified on the current giveaway or be banned by the admin’s:

  • Do not imply your are qualified to win if you do not meet proper requirements or credentials. In other words, if you are 20 years old and it states 21+, don’t bother entering because your heart will be real broken when you cannot even win! If you are on vacation and listening to a Los Angeles radio station, and the station calls a contest that the rules deem for the market area, you WILL be disqualified. Better off: Bring an app for a station in your market area and win while on that vacation.
  • Do not enter under more than one email, name, IP address or Facebook/other account. Explicitly, don’t try to be more than one person when the rules state one entry or whatever the minimum/maximum requirements are and attempts to enter the wrong amounts of times are rendered. Admin. personnel are very experienced persons who are able to detect multiple entries on a whim.
  • Do not post implicit material, immoral content, questionable material, and other person’s copy-written material in order to enter a giveaway.
  • Do not attempt to cause destruction to a giveaway sites internet connection, plant bugs, viruses, attempt to manipulate the site for more or changed entry times or other manipulation. Admin’s are getting very easy to find persons attempting such behavior and because it is over the internet, federal offenses can become pending, even way after such malicious attempts are rendered.

HAVE FUN!! Wait for the big one someday, although a lot of little ones over a period of time is the real big one.

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