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What Makes a Book Influential and Interesting?
by Aqeel Hussain




Books are an important source of study, research, and knowledge acquisition. A book not only guides us but also increases our knowledge. Reading a book is also a hobby of many people, but a book also affects it. Many times we have seen that the face of a book reader changes while reading the book. For example, sometimes their faces open like a rose, and sometimes it shrinks like a bud. It is all because of the words written and chosen by the author. Apart from this, many features of the book also attract the readers. If you are a writer or an avid reader, you need to know what features a book should have so that readers will be interested in reading it.


Features That Make a Book Interesting:

  • Physical Condition: The physical condition of a book is most important. The reader of the book first perceives the book from the outside. Durable book pages, beautifully designed writing, and a strong outer cover with a beautiful title image are all important.
  • Introduction Page: The initial introduction page of any book is very important. Because this page contains everything related to the book. So readers read this page before reading the book. Which draws the attention of the readers towards this book. Therefore, write the introduction of your book in such a way that the readers are forced to read your book.
  • Punctuation: Punctuation is like the clothing of a book. The book should not contain any mistakes regarding punctuation. Show your book to other authors for this purpose. So that any errors can be corrected before the book is published. Otherwise, readers may lose interest in your book.
  • Lessons arrangement: Lessons should be placed in a specific order. This will make it easier for readers to find your topic. While writing the book, the main headings should be capitalized. The readers of the book will also be affected by this.
  • General need contents: The content in a book also attracts readers. If the subject matters to readers and other people and really affects their lives. Even so, it draws the reader’s interest.
  • History and stories: The historical events and anecdotes in the book also affect the readers to a great extent. If beautiful pictures are used along with understanding these historical stories and stories, then this is also a source of inspiration for the readers.
  • Scholarly World: You should provide additional information beyond the title of your essay. But remember that this is part of the article. There will be many other books related to your book but your additional information will surely impress the readers.

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What Makes a Book Influential and Interesting?

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