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How To Agree on Clients to Get Advance Payment?
by Aqeel Hussain

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It is said: “Any customer is like a blessing”. A blessing should not be missed or wasted. Customers and buyers are important to each other in online businesses as well. When a customer comes for the first time, it is very important to win our trust. But to satisfy any customer it is necessary to use tactics. When we make an offer to your client and the client agrees to our offer. Then how to receive advance money from him? To sell him your stuff. Following are some important ways to get money advance from any client.


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  • First, extend a hand of friendship to the client. Ask him where he is from, who does what business, and how his work is going. Then talk to him about the real purpose. 
  • To win the trust of the client, always message with his name, avoid unnecessary and useless questions and immediately answer his question in a timely manner. 
  • Inform the client well about your service. Convince him of the genuineness of your service in the light of clear evidence. So that they agree to advance money. 
  • Answer all the client’s questions correctly and do not resort to false answers and evidence. Because somehow the client can catch our mistakes. And of course, we can cause ourselves to lose a client. 
  • Reassure the client that the money advance is only beneficial to them. This will bring their work to an early end. Apart from this, it is beneficial for them in the future as well. 
  • Tell the client that we take advance money because it is impossible for them to get the job done without it. Taking money in advance is part of our policy. The client should also be informed that we have taken advance money from many other clients and have done their work properly. Evidence of this should also be given.
  • The client should always show the best service. It should never happen that the client does not agree with your service. And if he is not satisfied with your service then how can he pay you advance money. 
  • Sometimes clients do not pay the advance saying that they have already been scammed. In this case, ask the client the reasons for the scam. Reassure them that it will be 100% your job this time. If still not convinced, then show them a previous client’s scheduled work. 
  • If, unfortunately, a client leaves and moves on to another one, keep giving them proof of completed work from time to time. In that case, he will come back to you to work and give advance money. 
  • The most important and last method is ethics. Write a message to your client in good and ethical words. This will surely impress him and he will pay you advance money as well.
man-and-woman-near-table-3184465 business_client_1697431667.jpeg fauxels at Pexels

fauxels at Pexels

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How To Agree on Clients to Get Advance Payment?

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