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Cusp of Redemption by Olivia Preya

Book & Author Details:
Cusp of Redemption by Olivia Preya
(The Cusp Series, #2)
Publication date: August 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Crime, Romance
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Salvatore de Marco

It was always about her.
Taking care of her.
Making sure she had everything she needed.
School. Apartment. Living expenses.
I took care of it all. For her.
And I’ll never regret the decisions I made to keep the smile on her face.

But she left me once, and I’ll be damned before I let her leave again. As the Cafarelli family enforcer, I can provide her with more than I could before–money and protection. I’ll do everything in my power to protect her from whatever demon made her run the first time. But what if it turns out the demon was me?
If there’s one thing I know, it’s that our connection is undeniable; I can feel how hot she is for me.
Even if she won’t admit it.

Naya Okpara

It took a long time to get to where I am now.
From foster kid to private investigator, I do whatever it takes to get the job done.
Even if that means working for the Cafarelli family.

I thought he was long gone—a distant memory tainted by a figure from our past. But time and distance did nothing to ease my hunger for his touch. Nor did it erase the betrayals that shattered me.
When the man who lights my skin on fire appears before me, I’m forced to face the realities I spent years avoiding. Now, Salvatore and I are working for the same family, and I can’t let the connection of our past ruin my future.

But what if he is my future?

Cusp of Redemption is book two of the Cusp series but can be read as a standalone. It has a guaranteed HEA, swoon-worthy anti-hero, and badass heroine. This is an interracial mafia romance containing explicit sex scenes, graphic violence, and is recommended for readers 18+.

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Author Bio:

Olivia Preya is a romance fanatic and author living in Toronto, Canada. She writes about what she loves—love, spice, and panty-dropping men with a soft spot for the love of their lives. When life gets a little tough or bland, she finds that fictional men are the best medicine.

Olivia considers herself to have two personas, like Wonder Woman, but with a pen––corporate marketing specialist by day and spicy romance author by night. She also likes to embrace all forms of sensuality, from pole dancing and erotic novels to good food; she believes that sometimes the best things in life are a little sinful.

Website / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok

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“If you wanted me to hunt you down, all you had to do was ask.” I muffled a scream with my hand as Salvatore’s deep voice startled me from his place at my tiny kitchen table. “But from now on, each and every chase will end with you on your back.”

“What the fuck?” I snapped, barely able to comprehend the scene in front of me. With only two barstools and a round surface barely large enough for a pizza box, Salvatore somehow seemed to make himself at home despite dwarfing the area.

He wore a gray sweatsuit, a complete contrast to the suit from last night, but by the grace of some god, he looked even more delicious. His hoodie pulled across his broad chest and defined his shoulder muscles. My eyes traveled up his thick neck and to his mouth where a mischievous smirk curved his mouth.

A glint of light brought my gaze down to his hand fiddling with…a knife?

Salvatore gave me a slow once-over that made me contemplate hopping back in the shower—for a cold one this time. His dark eyes held me captive, taking in every inch of my being at a leisurely pace. An appreciative glint shone in his eyes.

I took the time to look at him. Really look at him. His dark hair cropped short and connected to his perfectly sculpted beard. With high cheekbones and full lips, he’d make a killing as one of those models on the cover of romance books. Especially with the jagged scar running from the middle of his right eyebrow straight down to an inch or so below his cheekbone, he was a sight to behold. While I couldn’t see his torso, there wasn’t a sliver of doubt in my mind his abs were as defined as the rest of him. My mouth watered at the memory of how hard he was as I flopped over his shoulder.

Salvatore and I had stumbled across each other’s paths a few times over the past year, and I was just as captivated and entranced by him as ever. Each time seemed to make the pull even stronger. The way his presence drew me to him was infuriating. And right now was the first time we’d been alone and so close since we last saw each other ten years ago.

But the physical attraction was undoubtedly still there.

He was bigger than before. More demanding. More dominating in his presence.

And my body couldn’t get enough. But I had to keep reminding my brain there was a reason we weren’t together anymore. He left me. I’d need to chant that mantra every time we were together.

“Diana Diamond has nothing on you.” Salvatore rumbled, his voice caressed me from head to toe and dripped in appreciation. He was referring to yesterday’s disguise. I resisted the urge to preen. I would not fuss over my appearance. It didn’t matter what Salvatore thought of me. He didn’t matter.

Although, I was mildly pleased by the fact he was alive. I didn’t like the guy, but I didn’t want him dead either.


He sat, absently flipping the knife back and forth between his fingers. The metal glinted in the morning light. “Are you trying to intimidate me with your little knife show?”

He glanced down, mildly surprised. “Habit,” he said simply before flipping the blade down and tucking it in his pocket. “I hardly believe a knife would be enough to intimidate you.”

He stood and slowly stalked closer to me.

“And what do you think intimidates me?” I asked, raising an eyebrow. He was right, I picked up skills over the years to outmaneuver a knife. But he didn’t know that.

I held my ground as he came toe to toe with me. I had to crane my neck to look him in the eye. His presence was overbearing, the spicy scent of his cologne flooding my senses. I licked my lips, and his eyes tracked the movement. “You need something more physical. Skin on skin. Overbearing. The full weight of a man pressing you down to submit. You wouldn’t give in to something as meager as a piece of metal.”

I bit the inside of my cheek, hating how he read me so well. His eyes dropped to my lips, and I couldn’t resist darting my tongue out to lick my lips. The image of him pressing me into a bed flashed before me and I nearly choked on the need that coursed through my veins and pooled in my core.

A ghost of a smile wafted on his face, breaking the spell. I stepped to the side and out of his intoxicating presence.

Salvatore closed his eyes briefly and took a deep inhale before shifting, so we were facing each other once again.


“You broke into my house?” I whisper-yelled, remembering I never invited him in. I didn’t even know he knew where I lived and as much as I wanted to cuss him out, I was worried about the thin walls and curious neighbors.

“You stole my car.” He shrugged.




“You’re worth it.” Salvatore stepped closer and tilted my chin up, so I was forced to meet his gaze. “We are worth it. I promise you that. You have no idea how badly I want to bend you over and bury myself deep inside you, over and over again until your pussy is raw and throbbing, leaking my cum down your gorgeous legs. But I was taking things at your pace,” he said. “You’re all I want. Every part of you, however I can get you. But I don’t know how to approach anything anymore. Again, I don’t want to scare you off by saying or showing how much I want to slam into you from behind and feel you come apart on my cock, over and over until you scream for me to stop. I wanted to let you take the lead but clearly, I’ve messed up on that and I apologize. Never doubt how much I want you Naya, because it’s probably unhealthy how much I want to fuck you, and how often I want to be around you and just be in your presence.”


“Okay,” I said because I didn’t know what else to say. And then, because the intensity was overwhelming me and I knew it was the perfect opportunity, I moved to kick his legs from under him and pin him to the floor, using all my weight to hold his wrists down with my hands. 

Breathing heavily, triumph surged through me. He said he didn’t want to fight me, but I was a worthy opponent.


Surprise was all over Salvatore’s face but he quickly recovered and grinned. I squinted in confusion. “You’re good,” he murmured. “But I’m better.”


Before I could even comprehend what was happening, Salvatore flipped me over onto the ground and loomed above me. Needing only one of his hands to restrain both of mine, he used the other to enclose around my throat. His thumb moved slowly up and down the column of my throat—a direct contrast to the pressure. 


“You—you let me win,” I gasped out, chest heaving as my body was on full alert with his nearness. His hand was gentle yet firm on my throat, making me feel all sorts of ways I shouldn’t be in this position.


His grin turned wicked, and he dove to capture my mouth and gently press his body into mine. I responded by parting my lips and tasting him. His grip loosened as he groaned and I thrust my hips up, throwing him off balance and maneuvering my body on top of his, straddling his hips and pinning his hands to the side. Salvatore let out a grunt in surprise and I snickered.


“Always be alert,” I mocked his earlier words.”

He growled and easily flipped me back over, this time resting his full weight on me, nose to nose. He ground his hips into mine and I moaned. “Oh, baby, I’m alert.” My hips started to move in sync with his, loving the pressure building up. He ducked his head to suck on the sensitive spot on my neck. “Standing at full attention.” I couldn’t even roll my eyes at his cheesy line; I just bent my legs around his hips as his erection pressed at my core.

I ground into him.

This was what I needed. I needed his cock in me. I needed to be stuffed full of him. He was the only one who could take the edge off.

Salvatore was frozen above me. His face pulled tight as I was working myself up. His hands on my wrists tightened and so did the one on my throat. I gasped. My lightheadedness increased the pleasure coursing through my body.

“Naya,” he said sharply, his voice a deep growl. His eyebrows knit together. “What are you doing?”

I looked him in the eye, seeing barely controlled lust in their depths. One little push and I’d get what I wanted. What we both wanted.

Maybe I’d regret giving in later, but he could make me feel good now.

“Isn’t it obvious?” I asked, my voice breathy and sultry. “I’m trying to get you to fuck me.”


“Then what aren’t you getting, Naya?” I grasped her shoulders and slid my hands along her neck to cup her face. “You are my life. My purpose. We were separated for a decade—ten fucking years. I have you back, safe and sound, and you’re throwing yourself into danger? Baby, take mercy on me, because I’m losing my fucking mind with the need to protect you. I’m consumed by thoughts of you every minute of every day–are you happy? Are you sad? Are there enough blankets on the bed? Did I leave food in the fridge for when you get home? And only when those questions are answered can I focus on whatever I need to. Because when you’re gone, at a stake out or with Adaliya, I can’t help but fucking pine for you. So no, I don’t think you’re fully aware of how dangerous this Percy job is, Naya. I’m at risk of losing you and I’ll burn the fucking world to the ground if I do.”


Her soft hands grasped my wrists and gently lowered them. A direct contrast to the fury still burning in her eyes. 


“I don’t think you understand, Salvatore.” She stepped back. “You’re describing what I’ve felt every second I’ve known you. Every second I’ve loved you. From teenagers to now. I’ve had to sit back and watch as you throw yourself into underground fights, collect Cafarelli payments from the worst of the worst, and be an integral part of one of the most revered and targeted criminal organizations in the world. But you’re worth it, the terror and the unknown. Because a life without you is a hell I don’t want to ever live through again.”


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