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8 Unique Gifts That Show You Care
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Gifts can mean so much more than just a physical item. It can be a way to show someone how much you care and appreciate them. With that in mind, there are some unique items out there that have both monetary and sentimental value. Today, Versatileer shares some of the most impactful gifts that can provide lasting memories for your friend or loved one!



1. Helping to Pay for Startup Costs

If you have a friend or relative who dreams of starting a business, one of the best ways to show your support is by helping them fund the start-up costs. Whether it’s providing money for materials or covering marketing expenses, any help you can go a long way toward helping your loved one achieve their dreams. 


2. Paying for Tuition Costs

Tuition costs can be daunting for those looking to further their education. Offering to pay (or help pay) these expenses is another excellent way to show you care while also investing in their future success. This type of gift can open up several doors down the road and will likely leave your loved one feeling incredibly grateful and motivated!

The good news is that online degrees are generally less expensive and more flexible than in-person programs. Whether your loved one wants to study business, communications, or computer science, they can easily find an affordable online program that meets their needs.


3. Contributing to a Down Payment

A home purchase is one of the largest investments a person ever makes, and it can be a daunting task to save up enough money for an adequate down payment. An increasingly common way people are affording the down payment on their first home is by having the support of a loved one or family member to make their purchase more manageable. While this gesture may seem small from the outside, it can be huge for someone starting out in life’s greatest endeavor: owning a home. Not only can you help them purchase a home, but a larger down payment will lower their monthly mortgage. 


4.Fine Wine and First-Edition Books

Looking for something more tangible? Consider giving fine wine or first-edition books as gifts. Not only do these items yield monetary value, but they can also bring back fond memories when shared between family members or friends over dinner or special gatherings throughout the year. 


5. Vintage Records and Classical Artwork 

Vintage records and artwork also make unique gifts that add monetary and sentimental value. They often increase in value over time and make excellent investments that last a lifetime (and beyond). Plus, they offer an artistic connection between yourself and the recipient – much like paintings or sculptures – making them even more meaningful as time passes by.


6. Memorabilia

Memorabilia can be one of the most unique and thoughtful gifts to give this year. Whether it’s an autographed item from a beloved celebrity or sports figure, an item that reflects a hobby or interest, or something that has special significance to the recipient – memorabilia will show that you care.

Not only will your loved one be touched by your thoughtfulness, but they’ll have a physical item to remember the occasion. And depending on the popularity of the person or thing you choose to commemorate, it might even increase in value over the years!


7. Premium Bonds

If you have a friend or family member who appreciates the chance to make a return on their investment, premium bonds could be the best gift. These bonds offer low-risk and tax-free returns with no limit on the amount that can be invested. 

Your recipient will have the opportunity to watch their bonds grow as they are entered into monthly prize draws, potentially winning exorbitant cash prizes. Rest assured that this gift will be fun for the recipient, and it may create an additional income stream!


8. Send Them Back to School

If your loved one has always talked about wanting to go back to school, another great way to show you care is by helping them on their way. There are plenty of degree options out there, as well. For instance, if your loved one has a talent for helping others, this resource could help them pursue a bachelor in education – and thanks to the flexibility of online learning platforms, they can proceed at their own pace, without having to step away from their other responsibilities.


Wrapping Up

Unique gifts don’t have to be expensive; they simply must show thoughtfulness and appreciation. You can leave a lasting impression on your recipients whether you help with a down payment on a home or tuition fees or choose any of the other gift ideas above. No matter the gifts you give this year, remember that it’s all about showing your love through thoughtful action rather than material possessions alone!

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