Today’s Featured Flower Photo of the Day:
White Morning Glory

Here is today’s featured photo flower presentation. To let the is year shine bright, I am featuring fine photos of flowers, continuing to honor the brighter side of life again this year. Today’s Flower of the day is the White Morning Glory.

The White Morning Glory, or the Calystegia Sepium, is a sometimes referred to as the “Hedge Bindweed”, and notoriously named because of it’s thrilling flower’s capability of opening up during the morning hours and closing up at night.. The White Morning Glory is a perennial herbaceous vine that twines around other vegetation or fences for support and has large, white trumpet shaped flowers, of which close on a day after a certain amount of sunlight radiation has been established. The flowers are sometimes tricked into staying open longer on certain days where the sunlight is lower and also toward late season. The flowers close faster on sunny days where a higher percentage of solar radiation is met. The plant grows vine like and has many various full lengths which are hard to measure because of the skipping and jumping from wither surfaces of fences, plants and other things typically existing to stick and wrap around as the White Morning Glory grows. The flowers are small, but the vine of the White Morning Glory can grow to as much as seven feet long. The leaves are up to four inches long and up to two inches across. Each flower is about one inch long and nearly as wide. The White Morning Glory likes full sunlight and rainwater. As season progresses and the shadow increases, the White Morning Glory starts altering it’s growing shape to accommodate growing towards the new sun pattern, to meet exposure to the Sun as much as possibility is allowable.


Photo #1


Photo #2

Photos taken with a Samsung Galaxy A71 with the factory Quad camera Standard-wide: 64 MP 1/1.72-inch sensor with 0.8µm pixels and 26 mm-equivalent f/1.8 PDAF lens Ultra-wide: 12 MP sensor with f/2.2 aperture lens.

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