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The Highlander’s Enchantress by Violetta Rand

Book details:
The Highlander’s Enchantress by Violetta Rand
Published by: Entangled: Amara
Publication date: May 29th 2023
Genres: Adult, Historical, Romance
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If her cruel and domineering father were to be believed, Kali Bane is the worst of women. Defiant. Independent. Were it not for her beloved younger sisters, she would have sought her freedom long ago. When she refuses to wed an old, wine-soaked English lord, her father bans her to the McKay clan in the Highlands, warning them that she’s a witch.

There is no welcome at the McKay castle—only an aging laird prone to fits of temper who believes that Kali is, in fact, a witch. A sorceress. Here she is little more than a hostage, kept from sight from almost all but Adam McKay, the laird’s son, whose hypnotic green eyes make her long for something forbidden. It’s almost enough to make her abandon all thoughts of escape.

Kali is the only one who can protect her sisters from their father’s greedy machinations. But the longer she remains imprisoned in the McKay tower, the more Kali and Adam realize there are other forces at play. They’re both pieces in a silent, terrible game that could destroy everyone they’ve ever loved…including each other.

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Excerpt #1:
He tugged their joined hands onto his lap so she had to turn and face him again. “Live.”



“Aye.” She seemed to understand now.

“Prosper, regardless of yer circumstances. What better way to spit in the bastard’s eye?”

She rewarded him with a soul-warming smile—soul-stealing, really. Pretty white teeth, each one a precious pearl, and perfectly formed lips stole his attention. And the sound of her tinkling laughter…

He was doomed. Cast into the pits of agony because this untouchable—forbidden—woman stirred something inside him that had long been dormant. Perhaps never there before. There were dozens of local lasses worthy of his affection and respect, but they all paled in comparison to this striking woman. She was fire and ice, sunlight and moonlight, sweet and bitter, and any other paradox his addled mind could create.

“Why are ye staring at me?” she asked, appearing uncomfortable.

“I hold ye in the highest esteem, lass—yer tenacity and iron will to survive.”

Again, her features softened at his words. Aye, he’d have to tread carefully with this one. She missed little if anything. If only he could reach out and caress her cheek—provide comfort and reassurance with tender kisses.

For a brief moment he forgot himself and leaned closer, his mouth hovering just above hers. Adam’s heartbeat intensified, and his mind swirled with anticipation of what she would taste like. What it would feel like to hold her in his arms? But as their gazes clashed, he remembered her words, how men always wanted something… Damn it, she was beautiful and smelled so lovely and looked so perfect.

Be the honorable man ye were raised to be…

Excerpt #2:
She thought of everything she had learned while in the north, all the people she had grown close to, the confidence she had found. She shook herself free from the guards and straightened her spine, holding her head high. “If I were in a nunnery, ye’d accuse me of being a whore, Father. There is no reasoning with ye.”

Bane’s face turned bright red as he slipped from the saddle and came to stand in front of her. “Ye have a wicked tongue, girl.” He slapped her hard across the face, but she didn’t react, stood her ground as bravely as any soldier facing his worst enemy.

He smacked her again. And when she didn’t cry out, he did it again to her other cheek. Not hard enough to leave a bruise, but hard enough to hurt. 

“Ye’ve grown more frigid in the north,” her sire said.

“I’ve no’ grown cold, only stronger against a monster as ye.”

Valiantly, she held his gaze—caring little for what else he’d do to her. Let these strangers who accompanied him here see him for what he truly was. 

He shook his head. “None of it matters anymore,” he said. “Lord Nelson and these fine men have accompanied me here to make sure ye do as I bid. In three days, ye will marry Lord Nelson right here with Laird MacKay standing as witness. And in return for his loyalty, I will give yer sister Ariana in marriage to the MacKay. That way, our interests in the north and south are guaranteed.”

“No!” She wanted to maim him, to kill him. Betrothing his middle daughter to such a beast would kill Ariana. “How could ye hate us so much? Are we not yer own flesh and blood?”

Bane gripped her chin cruelly and turned her face. “Aye, ye are me daughter. I willna deny it. But ye are a willful harpy—unworthy of me tenderness. Ariana is little better. But Keara, she is a gentle lass…perhaps the pearl of me heart.”

“W-what will ye do with Keara?”

“Well now,” her sire said manipulatively, “that depends on how ye conduct yerself from here on, girl.”

Once again, he played her, baited her, and controlled her with threats. He knew her weaknesses, her strengths. How to build her up and tear her down. How to silence her forever…

Author Bio:

USA Today Bestselling author Violetta Rand was raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, and spent her childhood reading, writing, and playing soccer. After meeting her husband in New England, they moved to Alaska where she spent a decade working as a scientist before quitting her day job to pursue her dream as a full time writer.

Violetta still lives in Alaska and spends her days writing evocative romance. When she’s not reading, writing, or editing, she enjoys time with her husband, pets, and friends.

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