Honoring the recent Thomas Jefferson Day, a tribute to our third U.S. President. . .

A prayer and a moment of silence…


Pub. and engrav’d by John Aitken. A Favorite Patriotic Song.-No released date. sold at his Musical Repository, “, “North 2d Street No. 76, [between 1807 and 1811])
ALSO NEW YORK Printed & Sold at] HEWITT’S Musical Repository No.59 Maiden Lane

A rise a rise Britannia’s sons a rise and join in the fhouts of the
patriotic throng. A rise a rise Britannia’s sons a rise &
let Heavens walls echo with yours
Song For the genius of Albion Victory
proclaiming flies thro the world our right & deeds maintaing & the
Battle of the Nile fhall before most on the file and the
battle on the Nile fhall be foremost on the fhall and
NELSON gallant NELSON gallant name applauded fhall


Huzza huzza huzza huzza boys Mars guards for us what
freedom did by charter gain huzza huzza huzza huzza boys
Britannia full Britannia rules the main.


And ainly did hape their conqueft vand be borne
In harmony triumphant o’er the mainz
The proud fons of France with insult and haughty scorn,
Had long been peft to the neighboring independence,
And vainly did hope their conqueft wou’d be borne
In harmony triumphant o’er the main:
But NELSON soon taught them with peals of Britifh thunder
To the flag of Royal George ’twas their duty to knock under

And the battle of the Nile was decisive of the fpoil
And laurels grac’d the bosoms of the loyal Britifh fair.


Huzza huzza huzza huzza boys Mars guards for us what
freedom did by charter gain huzza huzza huzza huzza boys
Britannia full Britannia rules the main.


In Council above, the Deities of war met, 
Determined to give to merit Iits renown,
And soon on the brow of each hardy Britifh Tar,
Was plue’d fplendid laurel crown:
The loud Trump of fame o’er earth and ocean sounding
with Howe, Jervis, Duncaan, and NELSON’S name resounding
And the bottle of the Nile was recorded and the while
The Angelic Choir responsive fung the glories of the day.


Huzza huzza huzza huzza boys Mars guards for us what
freedom did by charter gain huzza huzza huzza huzza boys
Britannia full Britannia rules the main.


Arouse, arouse ye fprightly fons of mirth, 
And receive your protectors with open arms returning
And view the fpoils they with their blood have bought
In glory to this happy happy lfle:
And a Britifh feaman’s name henceforward fhall be penn’d
A terror to his foe and an honour to his friend;
At the battle of the Nile our children they fhall fmile,
And to ages yet unborn transmit what NELSON has done.


Huzza huzza huzza huzza boys Mars guards for us what
freedom did by charter gain huzza huzza huzza huzza boys
Britannia full Britannia rules the main.



— President Thomas Jefferson’s favorite song was “The Battle of the Nile”

Happy Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday ! !


It is the day to honor a hero and victor who had a real role that made freedom happen! Thomas Jefferson was one of the younger forefather Union mem who assisted in shaping the foundation of this country. Let freedom ring–every second, minute and hour. Keep the flag for what it stands for. . .Be proud to be an American! And my prayer of thanks to Mr. President Jefferson. The legacy lives on and on. . .

A Brief History:
President Jefferson’s Birthday: President Jefferson was born on April 17, 1743, in Albemarle County, Shadwell, VA. 

President Jefferson’s Pre-Presidential Career: Thomas grew up in the English Colony of Virginia, and grew up to inherit 5,000 acres of land from his father, became a planter and surveyor. His parents, Peter and Jane, were wealthy landowners. Thomas enjoyed reading, exploring nature, and playing the violin. When he was just 11 years old his father died. He studied at the College of William and Mary, then read law. In 1772 he married Martha Wayles Skelton, a widow, and took her to live in his partly constructed mountaintop home, Monticello. He was enthusiastically in active assembly of the origination of the blueprint to the institution of the United States of America, being a American Founding Father, being involved with the induction of the Declaration of Independence, and strongly supported the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Jefferson Supported the Religious Freedom That was Fostered by the Constitution: Jefferson also was a proponent of protections for religious liberty and wrote the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom and was a proponent for the support for religious freedom that eventually was adopted and guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

New Era After the Declaration Including Becoming President: Thomas Jefferson was a reluctant candidate for President in 1796–Jefferson came within three votes of election. Through a flaw in the Constitution, he became Vice President, although an opponent of President Adams. In 1800 the defect caused a more serious problem. Republican electors, attempting to name both a President and a Vice President from their own party, cast a tie vote between Jefferson and Aaron Burr. The House of Representatives settled the tie. Hamilton, disliking both Jefferson and Burr, nevertheless urged Jefferson’s election.

President Jefferson’s Merits: When Jefferson assumed the Presidency, the crisis in France had passed. He slashed Army and Navy expenditures, cut the budget, eliminated the tax on whiskey so unpopular in the West, yet reduced the national debt by a third. He also sent a naval squadron to fight the Barbary pirates, who were harassing American commerce in the Mediterranean. Further, although the Constitution made no provision for the acquisition of new land, Jefferson suppressed his qualms over constitutionality when he had the opportunity to acquire the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon in 1803. During Jefferson’s second term, he was increasingly preoccupied with keeping the Nation from involvement in the Napoleonic wars, though both England and France interfered with the neutral rights of American merchantmen. Jefferson’s attempted solution, an embargo upon American shipping, worked badly and was unpopular.

A Few Facts:
I am sharing a few facts, and more, some trivia, some not trivial. . .

  • Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States.
  • He was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.
  • Jefferson was staggeringly curious and an intellectually superior polymath genius.
  • Jefferson was a genius in architecture, gardening, agriculture, writing skills, science and governing.
  • He took violin lessons as a child and played the violin as he courted his future wife, Martha Skelton.
  • He Went on a Hunger Strike (and Encouraged Others to Join Him).
  • He Was the Major Pen of the Declaration of Independence.
  • Thomas Jefferson is one of the smartest and most talented men in American history.
  • Jefferson was a slave owner who later campaigned for abolition of such practices.
  • Jefferson founded the University of Virginia.
  • More. . .

The Present:
Every day ALL Americans have the asset of having more freedom than any other country in the world. The freedoms, while challenged all the time are also protected by the years of life in our Constitution. President Jefferson and Jefferson’s Birthday are so important to us all!. With the unity of all people having a Higher Power, there is hope. . .

The Future:
President Jefferson just knew that we needed to preserve the foundation of the United States. Without the solid foundation, our country is doomed to exist with the freedoms the flag stand for. Don’t take anything for granted. “The Constitution” is the one of the sacred documents that President Jefferson never took for granted. We will NEVER, ever forget the freedom for which the flag and the Statue of Liberty stands for!

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Thomas Jefferson Day

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