To a Happy New Year! Hello 2023!
Wishing a safe holiday to all.

Hope for 2023:

  • Hope in general
  • Hope and prayer for all the citizens for the war in Ukraine
  • Hope and prayer for all the forgotten people, in and out of the U.S. from the ordeal in Afghanistan
  • Hopeful that there is an answer to the the known cause of this out-of-control inflation and that the economy can have some recovery, a stabilized stock market, more stable yield, and hopefully less stagflation
  • Hope for an answer to to transit, train, boat and trucking crisis–in order to re-expedite all shipping abroad
  • Hope for more business restarts, and building of our local economies including continued getting rid of boarded up buildings, as all property values whether commercial or residential go down when areas are boarded up and or vacant
  • Hope for control at the border, and prayers for the people involved on both sides and their families
  • Hope for improved regulation of international government and international organization including those involved with the handling of health affairs
  • Hope of stabilization of radio industry’s continued overall ratings and overall media infrastructure, and less personnel turnover
  • Continued hope for further improvement to restrictions on everyday living including returning to school and work, and enhancement of our daily freedoms
  • Continued hope for massive re-unification of the American people and all across the globe, and a development of mitigation causing separation of classes of persons
  • Continued hope for lower amount of violence including smash-and-grab looting, rioting, etc.
  • Continued hope that more honesty in news reporting can happen
  • Continued hope that dishonesty at social media can be rectified
  • Hope that gasoline and diesel prices continue to stabilize.
  • A hopeful continuation of summer vacationing and weekend getaways throughout all the seasons
  • Hope that energy to heat homes and business, and overall energy costs can be controlled
  • Continued hope for more even cities and villages to reschedule fireworks displays for the Fourth
  • Continued hope for continuing return to scheduling sports sessions on time and with fairness to all involved parties
  • Continued hope for a continuing NASA program from within the U.S. as opposed to opting for international subcontracting, and also that all contractors may be able to settle their disputes, so that we may be able to keep the domestic U.S. space program a viable world complex
  • Continued hope for that we can get an honest synopsis on meteorological events like tornadoes, hurricanes and dust plumes that could affect the U.S.; and proper utilization and dispersal all Federal personnel
  • Continued hope for that we are able to stop laying blame on climate change for disaster and that resources are not so hard to utilize and less bureaucracy on affected disaster zones
  • Continued hope for keeping another eye on tropical weather with the prediction for an at least modest tropical year of activity
  • Continued hope for more proper allocation of use of funds to really go to  our infrastructure like our streets and bridges, not other purposes
  • Continued hope for curtailed amounts of violence and violent deaths this year
  • Continued hope for continued lowered amounts of in robocalls and spam texts, emails–through the continued implementation of the Pallone-Thune TRACED Act and also more hefty fines on persons and business who do not follow the rules
  • Continued hope for more diligent use of the operations of mainstream media, more reporting of accurate and real news
  • Continued hope to forget about the provision 230(c) by social medium because censorship from individuals and especially professionals has been exercised in more than a few cases abroad for 2022
  • Continued hope for a lowering of instances of fraud during the whole year
  • Continued hope for governments having a more normal year of operation
  • Continued hope for the U.S. being able to reconvene the resolution with the Israeli compromise
  • Continued hope for the institution of a more fair election process on all levels, and better use of constitutions on a U.S. and state level
  • Continued hope for the branches of government allying and following through with proper use of law–including the Legislative, Executive and Judicial especially the Supreme Court, state governments in all layers–
  • Continued hope for control in small business closure and hopeful less filing for bankruptcy
  • Continued hope for the continued expediting of  all court cases, including bankruptcy
  • Continued hope for an even better Black Friday this year
  • Continued hope for an even better year of sales for the year and this year’s holidays
  • Continued hope for an even better year of visiting with relatives for all holiday seasons for the whole year
  • Continued hope for a continued traditional celebrating of the New Year by 2023
  • What do you predict for this year?

2022 Revisited:

  • A greatly celebrated New Year’s Eve recovery last night, from the past few year’s of COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Continued recovery for jobs, family and just about anything
  • Continued shutdowns of the economy over the past year, especially in the last winter and spring
  • A slight recovery from the continued high layoff, retirement and other instability rate in the radio industry
  • Continued massive restrictions on everyday living including school, work closures, and infringements of our freedoms
  • Continued unification breakup of the American people continuing to cause a separation of classes of persons
  • Smash-and-grab looting and the only concern of is acts that happen to only certain government officials
  • A searing record high amount of summer vacationing, especially outdoor getaways, despite the record high gas prices
  • Some starting up of fireworks displays for the Fourth
  • A getting back to normal and on time Kentucky Derby, and other sports, including World Cup and the two sets of OlympicS
  • More and more musicians getting getting back to recording, touring and being on the road.
  • Make up for last years lack of concerts, including Lollapalooza, so that bands with million dollar-plus equipment can make some money
  • NASA to continue its partnership with private corporations like SpaceX to get back into space from within the U.S.
  • Record high amount of temperatures on the west coast and wildfires, and blame to climatic change–despite the 30 year necessity of a change; and also disregarding the fact that the worldwide record high was in the year 2015–not this year
  • Blame game on weather related occurrences to portray that climate is the one and only reasons
  • Continued negligence to infrastructure like our streets and bridges despite some funding of such
  • We thought it was bad last year, and this year continued to have Guiness Record Book setting amount of violence and violent deaths including gun violence, especially in the closest large city to me, Chicago–This made it impossible for me to share with you, my follower, the “Magnificent Mile” decorations in my Christmas special of  “12 Days of Christmas”–because I did not want to risk my own safety trying to go to downtown Chicago and take the photos at night, while smash-and-grab criminal activity was going on
  • Continued go-around of robocalls and now texts, despite new laws governing such activity
  • Willful negligence and libelous/scandalous operations of mainstream media, continuing use of the term “fake news”, and the possibility of the filing of over over one trillion dollars in lawsuits because of imposition of wrongful use of violation of peoples rights, constitutional and in general, and libel, slander, etc.
  • Wrongful use of 230(c) by social medium to produce censorship for political purposes and continued coverup of local, national and international events, up to and including professional such as doctors from using the media outlets for normal activities that were never censored in the past, and use of algorithms on the mediums.
  • TikTok continues to be the number 1 one position in all social media, despite controversy
  • Continued record setting amounts of fraud!!
  • The U.S. compromising our relationship with Israel, England, France, Spain, Germany, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, China, Japan, and over fifty more countries. These countries are not happy with the U.S. handling of foreign affairs
  • The continued unfair election process
  • RECORD setting red-tape at getting a vaccine available for coronavirus, and mandates without cause
  • The branches of government not following through with proper use of law including the Supreme Court, and in a high amount state governments, especially states with Democratic officials in all layers–legislative, executive and judicial
  • Record small business closure and filing for bankruptcy
  • Higher sales throughout the year, in-store and on the internet–despite the feds raising rates on interest
  • Shortages on store shelves, and missing medicines
  • Housing crest because of interest rates
  • High prices on new and used cars, and also shortages
  • A Black Friday and Cyber Monday that also to converted to very high success of internet sales, and record high turnout at the stores
  • Record high inflation for food everywhere
  • Record high amount of persons visiting with relatives for all holiday seasons for the whole amount of year
  • Leave a comment if I left anything out!
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Engin Akyurt at Pexels


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  1. Amen and amen and amen. I cried reading this….it really brought all the changes in our lives into sharp focus for me.

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