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Best US Cities for Business-Minded Digital Nomads
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Best US Cities for Business-Minded Digital Nomads Digital nomads are tech and creative professionals that have the freedom of choosing any location in the world with a high-quality internet connection to work from. They favor cities that have extensive natural surroundings and low living costs. Check out what these cities have to offer, some of the most popular US cities for digital nomads, with expert insight from Versatileer.

Jacksonville, Florida

This city has year-round sunny weather, many miles of shoreline, and some of Florida’s best beaches. It has an abundance of services and activities to appeal to new arrivals to the city. Jacksonville is also experiencing a population boom and is one of the country’s most popular relocation destinations. Finding online guides to the city can be invaluable as they provide information on the city’s different neighborhoods and ways to get in touch with real estate agents.

Austin, Texas

Austin has a vibrant art, music, and food community which makes it ideal for creatives and entrepreneurs. It’s also becoming one of the country’s top real estate markets due to its bustling cultural scene that offers museums, bars, and live concerts. It has numerous co-working spaces, furniture stores, and other rental services that appeal to the digital nomad community. A real estate agent can help newcomers to the area find a well-priced living space in one of its many diverse neighborhoods.

Portland, Oregon

Situated within close proximity to Washington State and Seattle, Portland is a city brimming with creative opportunities. Its bustling downtown area offers plentiful shopping, coffee shops, breweries, restaurants, and live music venues seemingly more numerous than its population. Portland also has creative co-get working spaces that are perfect for entrepreneurs and freelancers. While its housing can be quite pricey, it’s the ideal setting for digital nomads. Those seeking a suitable place to call home should search on popular online listing sites.

Boise, Idaho

Boise is one of the most popular cities for digital nomads. It’s also a nature lover’s paradise and features plentiful lakes, rivers, and hiking trails to explore. Many common workspaces and services essential to the freelance community are available to city dwellers, including mobile home parking and repairs. It also offers a multitude of environments to live in including desert areas, farmlands, suburbs, and foothills. All are available for viewing online and through local real estate agents.

Although this is a great way to conduct business, it’s not free of challenges. Those who earn their living this way need to master business marketing and run their businesses in a simplified way — often with an eye to minimizing costs. If you’re unfamiliar with the steps to start a new business, seek out a formation company to help. They can assist you with establishing a limited liability company, for example. LLCs have become very popular with small business owners as they offer limited personal liability, less paperwork than corporations, tax advantages, and profit flexibility. There are different rules for forming LLCs in every state, so always check the rules in your area.


If you’ve set down roots elsewhere, one of these cities may strike your fancy as an ideal place to purchase a vacation home. Keep in mind, however, that there are some tighter mortgage requirements when securing financing for a vacation home. If you have friends you trust, it may be a feasible option to split the purchase with them. That way you can share a getaway spot throughout the year.

Because of soaring costs in America’s fashionable locations, greater numbers of digital nomads are relocating to more affordable cities than ever before. This is also a good way for beginner digital nomads to try to live a nomadic lifestyle by relocating to other cities in the United States, rather than attempting to travel the globe just yet.

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